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  Asia   Minor - the Aegean coast and inland regions of Anatolia (modern Turkey)
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  + Asian , Asians , Asiatic , Asiatics
324/29 ders Craterus to give Phocion the revenue from a city in Asia Minor.
320/5 Antigonus crosses over to Asia, and attacks Eumenes and Cleopatra at
318/8 Cassander goes to Asia to seek help from Antigonus for a war against
318/11 appoint Eumenes to be commander of the Macedonian forces in Asia.
302/11 Lysimachus invades Asia and captures Sigeum, Synnada, Ephesus, Coloph
302/19 by Antigonus to return to Asia, and he agrees to a truce with Cass
289/8 Demetrius assembles an army and fleet to invade Asia.
287/11 Demetrius lands in Asia.
278/21 Nicomedes helps the Gauls to cross over from Thrace to Asia.
277/8 The Gauls gain control of a large area in Asia Minor.
269/12a Incidents from the raids by bands of Gauls in Asia Minor.
223/6 Antiochus appoints Achaeus to command his forces in Asia Minor.
223/6a tolemaeus sends his son Magas to lead Egyptian forces in Asia Minor.
220/34 Prusias seizes the Asiatic territories of Byzantium.
208/16 Attalus returns to Asia to face an attack from Bithynia.
191/11 pylae, comes back to life and foretells the Romans' success in Asia.
190/29 enter office, and the province of Asia is allotted to Cn.Manlius.
189/1 es, Ephesus, and other cities in Asia Minor surrender to the Romans.
189/3 forced to withdraw from Asia Minor; the end of the war against
189/6 command of the Roman army in Asia and advances against the Galatians.
188/6 Ten Roman commissioners settle the government of Asia Minor.
188/8 Manlius leaves Asia and is ambushed while returning through Thrace.
149/1 Andriscus escapes to Asia Minor.
139/19 Scipio visits Asia and Rhodes, where he meets Panaetius.
133/28 icus leads a rebellion against the imposition of Roman rule in Asia.
133/34 Scaevola defends him and he is sent away to settle affairs in Asia.
132/3 freed after being questioned by the consuls, and escapes to Asia.
132/14 Slaves from the interior of Asia join in Aristonicus' revolt, but he
131/2 Crassus is sent to command the Roman forces in Asia.
130/2 Perperna rushes to Asia.
127/7 zation of the Roman province of Asia: the allied kings are rewarded.
122/3 chus passes a law about the taxation of the provinces (? i.e. Asia).
119/12 Q.Scaevola, as governor of Asia, visits a famous teacher of rhetoric,
102/30 M.Drusus serves as quaestor in Asia.
94/6 in the Roman administration of Asia, with the help of P.Rutilius.
91/42 C.Julius Caesar goes to Asia as proconsul.
89/27 complain to the Roman envoys in Asia about Nicomedes' aggression.
88/22 Mithridates addresses his army before the invasion of Asia.
88/23 and the Roman province of Asia, while the Romans are distracted
88/42 massacre of Roman citizens in Asia: 80,000 are killed in one day.
87/2 ens appear to Mithridates in Asia, and other omens occur at Rome and
86/39 rgamum, Adramyttium, and elsewhere, and plunders the cities of Asia.
86/48 The cities of Asia refuse to let Flaccus and his army inside their
85/9 cruel treatment of Nicomedeia, Cyzicus, and other cities in Asia.
85/26 Sulla imposes a tribute on the cities of Asia.
85/29 The inhabitants of Asia and the Aegean suffer from increasing attacks
84/6 re-organises the province of Asia, and punishes the supporters of Mit
84/12 Sulla returns to Greece from Asia.
84/27 The senate appoints Murena to take over as Roman commander in Asia.
81/26 L.Murena serves honourably under his father's command in Asia.
81/27 Sulla sends Gabinius to recall Murena from Asia.
81/40 the Roman senate to defend Asia against the charge of supporting
80/38 General remarks on the conduct of L.Lucullus in Asia.
79/16 money from various parts of Asia, including Lycia, Pamphylia, Pisidi
78/28 icero visits the province of Asia, where he meets Rutilius and listen
75/36a The consuls introduce new regulations about the taxation of Asia
74/27 Caesar crosses over to Asia and helps to defeat Mithridates' supporte
73/6 rebellion in the cities of Asia, which Mithridates is encouraging.
72/61 The consuls enact further regulations about the taxation of Asia
70/17 reorganises the province of Asia, and takes vigorous measures to red
70/18 The cities of Asia establish festivals in honour of Lucullus.
70/19 The poet Archias accompanies Lucullus in Asia.
66/36 .Aufidius is a good governor of Asia, despite his humble background.
61/6 announcing that Q.Cicero has been appointed to be governor of Asia.
61/8 Atticus declines an offer to go out to Asia with Q.Cicero.
61/14 Flaccus levies crews to man a fleet in Asia.
61/15 Flaccus prevents the Jews in Asia from sending money to Jerusalem.
61/16 nts made against Flaccus concerning his actions as governor of Asia.
61/28 Cicero speaks in the senate on behalf of the tax collectors in Asia.
59/10 aesar grants a rebate to the contractors for tax-collecting in Asia.
51/27 rait of his brother Quintus, made when Quintus was governor of Asia.
49/45 ues a decree exempting the Jews of Asia Minor from military service.
48/16 the inhabitants of Syria and Asia, as he prepares to join up with Pom
48/49 settles affairs in Greece and Asia Minor, while following Pompeius.
44/118 Dolabella leaves Italy in order to take over the province of Asia.
43/8 Dolabella excuses the Jews in Asia from military service.
43/96 ter M.Brutus crosses over to Asia, Gellius Publicola forms a plot aga
41/4 Antonius resides at Ephesus, and settles the affairs of Asia Minor.
40/9 Antonius sails from Egypt to Asia Minor, and then to Greece, where
40/21 Labienus overruns Roman territory as far as Asia Minor.
39/5 idius drives Labienus out of Asia Minor, and defeats him near the Cil
31/30 Octavianus goes to Asia, after sending Agrippa to dispel unrest in
30/44 Octavianus spends the winter in Asia.

  Asia 2   - the continent of Asia
  + Asian , Asians , Asiatic
320/32 ter hands over his forces in Asia to Antigonus, and returns to Macedo
    Within translations:
1Macc_8 ochus the Great, king of Asia, who went to fight against
1Macc_* 11-13 * ntioch and put on the crown of Asia. Thus he put two crown
2Macc_3 Seleucus, the king of Asia, defrayed from his own reven
2Macc_10 and collected the cavalry from Asia in no small number.
3Macc_3 expedition took place in Asia, as you yourselves know, it
4Macc_3 eleucus Nicanor, king of Asia, had both appropriated money
Aelian:NA_10.16 ptions. And all the peoples of Asia loathe these diseases.
Aelian:NA_15.11 well on the continent of Asia, being evilly disposed and
AnthPal_5.129 the dancing girl from Asia, her who quivers from her
Apollonid_9.281 { G-P 22 } & When all Asia witnessed the common marvel,
Arrian:Fr_1 Such was the distribution of Asia. In Europe, Thrace
Arrian:Fr_9 then made a division of Asia, partly confirming the earli
Athen_4.155 book of his History of Asia, relates that the friends
Athen_10.442 ook Concerning the Revenues in Asia. And he says that they
Athen_12.535 nder, when he became master of Asia, also adopted the Pers
Athen_12.539 book of his History of Asia, say that the companions als
Athen_12.546 For this latter has all Asia to supply him with luxury,
Athen_13.575 iful of all the women in Asia; and Zariadres also was very
Athen_13.596 relates in his Voyage round Asia. But Nicarete of Megar
Athen_13.609 licentious of all the women in Asia. And Phylarchus, in
Athen_14.636 women, & Votaries of the Asiatic Cybele, & The wealthy Phr
Athen_14.653 appears to be a word of Asiatic origin; saying that in
ChronSynt_91 ia: It ruled over all of Asia, starting from the year of
Diod_37.1 uggle between Europe and Asia, while the two largest conti
Diod_40.4 recording his achievements in Asia. Pompeius Magnus, son
Ennius:Ann_366 nius. . . . Antiochus, King of Asia, is the speaker of the
Ennius:Ann_369 of Xerxes crossing from Asia to Europe (480 B.C.) : VARRO
Ennius:Ann_371 and the settlement of Asia after the Battle of Magnesia
Euseb]:Chron_5 aders of the Syrians and Asians, who came after Alexander,
Euseb]:Chron_49 ter Cyrus had taken control of Asia. This is proved by wha
Euseb]:Chron_* 55-59 * the native kings who ruled in Asia in the most ancient
Euseb]:Chron_63 over all the inhabitants of Asia, except for the Indian
Euseb]:Chron_89 over Assyria and the whole of Asia. From the flood up unt
Euseb]:Chron_141 uered the whole of Asia in nine years, as well as Europe
Euseb]:Chron_155 were then the rulers of Asia, they built a city in that
Euseb]:Chron_159 rsian, and ruled over both the Asians and the Egyptians.
Euseb]:Chron_171 kings of the Assyrians and of Asia. The Peloponnese was
Euseb]:Chron_227 Alexander, who conquered Asia, there were 24 kings who rei
Euseb]:Chron_235 cus Nicator, the king of Asia, at the battle of Corupedium
Euseb]:Chron_257 Alexander, to be king of Asia; Alexander was called Zabina
FGrH_155.1 ylonia, who became king of all Asia after the death of Ant
FGrH_255.8 he conquered the nations of Asia. [9] In the 114th Olym
Hieron:Chron_1688 rted to rule over all of Asia in the 7th year of his reign
Hieron:Chron_1730 ined control of both Syria and Asia. 123.3 . [1731] [1738
Hieron:Chron_1737 Soter became king of Syria and Asia, for 19 years. 125.2
Hieron:Chron_1830 tor [became king] of Syria and Asia, for 12 years. [not
Hieron:Chron_1842 nes [became king] of Syria and Asia, for 11 years. 152nd
Hieron:Chron_1853 tor [became king] of Syria and Asia, for 2 years. [1851
Hieron:Chron_1866 and king of Syria and Asia, honoured Jonathan with a
Hieron:Chron_1867 der [became king] of Syria and Asia, for 8 years and 10
Hieron:Chron_1877 ius [became king] of Syria and Asia, for 3 years. [not in
Hieron:Chron_1893 pus [became king] of Syria and Asia, for 12 years. John,
Hieron:Chron_1925 of the kingdom of Syria and Asia. 172.4 . [1928] [not
Joseph:AJ_12.119 onours from the kings of Asia when they became their auxil
Joseph:AJ_12.129 reat, who ruled over all Asia, that the Jews, as well as
Joseph:AJ_12.223 lled Soter, reigned over Asia, being the son of Antiochus
Joseph:AJ_12.295 Egypt, and of the Lower Asia, and reaching from the river
Joseph:AJ_13.78 and how all the kings of Asia had honoured that temple wit
Joseph:AJ_13.113 two diadems, the one of Asia, the other of Egypt: [114]
Joseph:AJ_13.119 lled Balas, reigned over Asia five years, as we have elsew
Joseph:AJ_13.165 arry to all the kings of Asia and Europe, and to the gover
Joseph:AJ_14.110 God, nay, even those of Asia and Europe, sent their contr
Joseph:AJ_14.186 what regard the kings of Asia and Europe have had to us,
Julian:Caes_320 had often repulsed all Asia when she invaded Europe, aye
Julian:Caes_321 greatest number, not only in Asia but in Europe as well.
Julian:Caes_329 Scythians, instead of Asiatic barbarians; to Caesar and
Just_1.4 with the branches of which all Asia was overshadowed. The
Just_1.8 Cyrus, after subduing Asia, and reducing the whole of
Just_* 2.2-5 * ean Mountains; at the back, by Asia and the river Phasis.
Just_6.9 upon the necks of Greece and Asia. Following books (7-10
Just_11.1 ontemplating at one time Asia that had been provoked, at
Just_11.10 to secure the cities of Asia, which, on hearing the repo
Just_11.14 gained the dominion over Asia, in the fifth year after his
Just_* 11.5-9 * nimation at the sight of Asia, he erected altars to the
Just_12.16 double empire over Europe and Asia. The very same day,
Just_12.2 and Sicily, than Alexander in Asia and Persia. To this
Just_13.6 they were gone into Macedonia, Asia should be seized by
Just_15.4 den, leaving the Greater Asia, came forward as a fresh ene
Just_27.1 throughout the cities of Asia, that she and her little son
Just_29.1 of fourteen. In Asia, after Seleucus was killed, Antioc
Just_30.4 ns, and Indians, and all Asia to the utmost boundaries of
Just_* 31.3-6 * king, remaining quiet in Asia, either a triumph over the
Just_38.7 exander, who subdued all Asia, nor any of his successors
Just_41.4 other people of Upper Asia, followed Eumenes, and, when
Just_42.4 ain laid waste Syria and Asia, and assailed, with a vast
Just_44.4 they tempted Hercules out of Asia by the greatness of
Lucian:Macr_22 book of his History of Asia; and he expresses his amazem
Malal_197 ould rule and be king of Asia as far as the river Dracon
Malal_198 [later] became king of Asia, after killing Antigonus;
Malal_210 son of Nicomedes, the king of Asia, to become his ally.
Memn_4 hen completely conquered Asia, asking him to grant their
Memn_8 handing over the government of Asia to his son Antiochus.
Memn_12 Seleucus, the king of Asia, he founded a city under Mou
NicDam_130.80 and two battles in both Asia and Europe, it appeared that
OGIS_253 (166)   anes, the] saviour of Asia and founder [and benefac
OGIS_54 (c. 246)   ut on a campaign into Asia with infantry and cavalr
Plinius:Ep_10.62 with a surveyor, for the Asiatic provinces are never short
Plut:Agis_3 ime in the courts of the Asiatic princes, particularly in
Plut:Agis_11 had two children by an Asian woman, whom one of Seleucus
Plut:Cleom_16 purple of Macedonians and of Asiatic grandees. To shun
Plut:Demetr_32 already commanded Asia from India to the Syrian Sea, how
Plut:Demetr_38 the barbarous nations in Upper Asia. Antiochus was violen
Plut:Eum_1 ander took to his bed in Asia, and who brought him a son
Plut:Mor_180 talents, and to divide Asia equally with him ; I would
Plut:Mor_182 so, said he; Alexander reaped Asia, and I but glean after
Plut:Mor_852 xander, having conquered Asia, and assuming the empire of
Polyaen_4.6.13 who thereby became king of all Asia. 14 When he heard
Polyaen_4.6.9 be broadcast throughout all Asia. The Phoenician ships,
Polyaen_7.6.7 themselves the empire of all Asia. [see also: Herodotus,
Porph:Fr_43 rates, and almost the whole of Asia. When he heard that
Poseidon_98 the cones contains Asia, and the other consists of Europe
PsCallisth_1.21 ip, who hastened to take Asia and vanquish Europe, could
PsCallisth_1.35 greatest king of Europe, Asia and Libya, speaks to the Tyr
PsCallisth_1.39 all Syria and proceeded into Asia. Darius on receiving
PsCallisth_2.1 when I returned to Asia, I bade the Athenians extend the
PsCallisth_2.17 have marched through all Asia, if I had not understood tha
PsCallisth_2.19 not expect to be king of Asia unless he overthrew the fame
PsCallisth_3.17 enown Darius the king of Asia had in the world, for he was
PsCallisth_3.27 ning up to the events in Asia, I am convinced that you hav
PsCallisth_3.28 Tanais, which flows between Asia and Europe. We came
PsCallisth_3.33 sures of wheat, and from Asia through the stewards from
SelPap_2.392 of the prisoners from Asia, in the area of Psinarps
Simonid_7.296 sea parted Europe from Asia, since fierce Ares directs
Syll_303 (333-323)   {bēmatistēs} of Asia, dedicated this to O
Syll_326 (307/6)   and conquered all of Asia, he acted as the cham
Syll_409 (c. 255/4)   donian expedition] to Asia, and took part in the
Timoth:Pers_139 inweave the Greek and Asian tongues, marring the clear-

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