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  Artemisius   - a Macedonian month: equivalent to about April/May
ChronPasc_457 20th day of the month of Artemisius, as authorised by Juli
ChronPasc_460 12th day of the month of Artemisius in the first year of
FGrH_257a.1 of the intercalary month of Artemisius. He was succeede
Joseph:AJ_14.262 first day of the month Artemisius, this decree was made
Malal_199 the first day of the month of Artemisius. Seleucus came
Malal_200 22nd day of the month of Artemisius which is also May, at
Malal_216 12th day of the month of Artemisius (or May), in the first
OGIS_194 (39)   etor, [year 13] month Artemisios 18 which is Phamen
OGIS_57 (277)   aios, in the month of Artemisios, it was resolve
PCairZen_59142 they need. Farewell. Year 30, Artemisios 10, Pachons 9.
PCairZen_59150 10 artabas, on the 26th Artemisios: 10 artabas, on the
PSI_345 Zenon. Docketed} & Year 30, Artemisios 26, Pachons 26.
PSI_502 each matter stands. Year 29, Artemisios 23, Pharmouthi
SEG_35.1476 (c. 203)   le. [Year 109, 2]7th day of Artemisios. & [B] Ika
SEG_35.665 (c. 160)   y [of the month] of Artemisios, they shall each app
SelPap_1.66 Dionysius in the month Artemisius of the 13th year
SelPap_2.413 reply to me. Goodbye. Year 6, Artemisius 22. Aphthone
Syll_590 (c. 210-200)   te at Kos}, in the month of Artemisios. It was reso
THI_259 (217)   the 1st of Artemisius, which, according to
THI_27 (c. 200)   s, Dystros, Xandikos, Artemisios, Daisios, Panemos,

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