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  Aristobulus   I - king of Judaea, 104-103 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Judas
104/7 Judaea, and the accession of Aristobulus, who assumes the title of
104/13 Aristobulus conquers the Itureans.
104/15 Aristobulus kills his mother and his brother Antigonus.
103/2 The death of Aristobulus, and the accession of Alexander Jannaeus.
    Within translations:
ChronPasc_452 452'A] [Ol. 176.2] Aristobulus became the 20th high priest
ChronPasc_464 for 27 years. 20. Aristobulus, who was the first to take
ChronPasc_509 high priest for 27 years. 20. Aristobulus was high priest
ChronSynt_95 Hyrcanus for 26 years Aristobulus for 1 year Jannaeus
Euseb]:Chron_129 Jews for 26 years. After him, Aristobulus [was leader]
ExcBarb_47A the son of Jonathan Then Aristobulus the son of John He
Hieron:Chron_1913 169.1 * . [1913] Aristobulus [became king] of the Jews,
Joseph:AJ_13.276 his sons Antigonus and Aristobulus over the siege; which
Joseph:AJ_13.277 tance, but was beaten by Aristobulus; and when he was purs
Joseph:AJ_* 13.301-304 * was dead, the eldest son Aristobulus, intending to change
Joseph:AJ_13.307 his brother. [307] Aristobulus yielded to these imputation
Joseph:AJ_13.309 of his brother, came to Aristobulus armed, as he used to
Joseph:AJ_13.314 isorder. [314] But Aristobulus repented immediately of thi
Joseph:AJ_13.315 the blood on that place, Aristobulus heard it, and inquire
Joseph:AJ_* 13.320-323 * als." [12.] & [320] When Aristobulus was dead, his wife
Joseph:AJ_20.240 eaving the succession to Judas, who was also called Aristo
Joseph:AJ_20.241 nder was his heir; which Judas died of a sore distemper,
Joseph:BJ_01.64 wall, and set his sons, Aristobulus and Antigonus, over
Joseph:BJ_01.65 ation, but was beaten by Aristobulus and Antigonus; and
Joseph:BJ_* 01.70-75 * ther, the elder of them, Aristobulus, changed the governme
Joseph:BJ_01.81 der. [81] Hereupon Aristobulus repented of the great crime

  Aristobulus 2   II - king of Judaea, 67-63 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
70/22 reign of Alexandra, despite the opposition of her son Aristobulus.
67/19 Aristobulus leads a rebellion against his mother Alexandra.
66/5 Aristobulus deposes Hyrcanus, and sets himself up as king of Judaea.
64/5 Aretas invades Judaea and defeats Aristobulus.
64/6 Aristobulus is besieged in the temple at Jerusalem, and Onias is ston
64/23 Scaurus offers support to Aristobulus, who defeats Hyrcanus.
64/34 ceives envoys from the Syrians, Egyptians and Aristobulus of Judaea.
63/14 Pompeius receives envoys from Hyrcanus and Aristobulus at Damascus.
63/29 Judaea; Hyrcanus submits to him, but Aristobulus remains defiant.
63/31 Pompeius stays near Jericho, and puts Aristobulus under arrest.
63/50 Roman control over Judaea, and takes away Aristobulus as a prisoner.
57/18 olt by Alexander, the son of Aristobulus; Marcus Antonius displays
56/37 Aristobulus escapes from Rome and returns to Judaea.
56/43 The Romans defeat and capture Aristobulus at Machaerus.
55/24 efeats Alexander, the son of Aristobulus, in a battle near Mount Tabo
49/32 Caesar releases Aristobulus, a Jewish prince, and sends him to Syria.
49/46 Aristobulus is killed by poisoning.
49/69 Alexander, the son of Aristobulus, is executed by Scipio, but his bro
42/19 Herodes defeats Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus.
    Within translations:
ChronPasc_453   it. He led back Aristobulus and his children as captive
Diod_40.2   ia, he was approached by Aristobulus the king of the Jews
Diod_40.4   king of the Iberians, Aristobulus king of the Jews, and
Euseb]:Chron_129   for 9 years. And after her, Aristobulus and Hyrcanus
Hieron:Chron_1950   est, for 34 years. Aristobulus and Hyrcanus, the sons of
Joseph:AJ_13.407   two sons, Hyrcanus and Aristobulus, but committed the
Joseph:AJ_13.411   ame into the palace, and Aristobulus with them, for he see
Joseph:AJ_13.416   into tears. But Aristobulus chiefly made manifest what
Joseph:AJ_13.418   also, she sent her son Aristobulus with an army to Damas
Joseph:AJ_13.422   a dangerous distemper, Aristobulus resolved to attempt
Joseph:AJ_13.425-428 *   the queen perceived that Aristobulus was fled; and for som
Joseph:AJ_14.25   While the priests and Aristobulus were besieged, it hap
Joseph:AJ_14.26   but those that were with Aristobulus wanted sacrifices,
Joseph:AJ_14.71   cle and father-in-law to Aristobulus, was taken captive;
Joseph:AJ_14.73   the country from giving Aristobulus any assistance in his
Joseph:AJ_14.77   usalem were Hyrcanus and Aristobulus, by raising a seditio
Joseph:AJ_14.79   ied bound along with him Aristobulus and his children; for
Joseph:AJ_14.82   Alexander, the son of Aristobulus, made an incursion
Joseph:AJ_14.100   Alexander, the son of Aristobulus, having seized on the
Joseph:AJ_14.11-14 *   spicious of the power of Aristobulus, and was afraid of
Joseph:AJ_14.120-126 *   Pitholaus, who succeeded Aristobulus in his seditious prac
Joseph:AJ_14.140   Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus, came at this time
Joseph:AJ_14.142   42] He added, that Aristobulus was justly carried away to
Joseph:AJ_14.19-22 *   an expedition against Aristobulus with an army of fifty
Joseph:AJ_14.297   Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus, who had already rais
Joseph:AJ_14.30-37 *   came to him, both from Aristobulus and Hyrcanus, and bot
Joseph:AJ_14.300   Alexander, the son of Aristobulus, add the granddaughte
Joseph:AJ_14.330   Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus; and in order to obta
Joseph:AJ_14.353   Alexander, the son of Aristobulus, with her mother, the
Joseph:AJ_14.387   randson by his father to Aristobulus, and to Hyrcanus by
Joseph:AJ_14.4-8 *   at Rome; when presently Aristobulus began to make war aga
Joseph:AJ_14.41-49 *   governors Hyrcanus and Aristobulus, who were at differen
Joseph:AJ_14.467   Alexander, the son of Aristobulus; for he had betrothed
Joseph:AJ_14.52-58 *   when Pompeius enjoined Aristobulus to deliver up the for
Joseph:AJ_14.92-97 *   [6.] & [92] Now Aristobulus ran away from Rome to Judae
Joseph:AJ_15.23   of Alexander, the son of Aristobulus the king, who had also
Joseph:AJ_15.41   high priest in his stead. Aristobulus was the second that did
Joseph:AJ_15.52   the actions of his grandfather Aristobulus was fresh in their minds;
Joseph:AJ_15.180   from it, by his brother Aristobulus. He was then restored by
Joseph:AJ_20.243   her death his brother Aristobulus fought against him,
Joseph:AJ_20.245   Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus, king; [246] and when
Joseph:BJ_1.109   retained the younger, Aristobulus, with her as a privat
Joseph:BJ_1.114   were in danger fled to Aristobulus, who persuaded his
Joseph:BJ_1.117-134 *   Alexandra fell sick, and Aristobulus, her younger son, too
Joseph:BJ_1.139-143 *   orning to Jerusalem; but Aristobulus was so affrighted at
Joseph:BJ_1.153   ountry from fighting for Aristobulus, which they were othe
Joseph:BJ_1.154   Now, among the captives, Aristobulus's father-in-law was
Joseph:BJ_1.157   his way to Rome, having Aristobulus and his children alon
Joseph:BJ_1.160   Alexander, that son of Aristobulus who ran away from Pom
Joseph:BJ_1.171-176 *   acy. [171] Yet did Aristobulus afford another foundation
Joseph:BJ_1.180-186 *   seditious followers of Aristobulus; and it was Antipater
Joseph:BJ_1.195   Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus, came to Caesar, and
Joseph:BJ_1.239   Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus, and principally on
Joseph:BJ_1.241   Alexander, the son of Aristobulus, and the granddaughte
Joseph:BJ_1.344   Alexander, the son of Aristobulus, to wife, who had bee
Joseph:BJ_1.432   Alexander, the son of Aristobulus; on whose account dis
Oros_6.6   the Jews, over whom Aristobulus was reigning in succession

  Aristobulus 3 - son of Herod, king of the Jews
Wikipedia entry  
Joseph:AJ_15.342   send his sons Alexander and Aristobulus to Rome, to enjoy the
Joseph:BJ_1.516   Alexander to his brother Aristobulus. [517] Exploiting in turn
Joseph:BJ_1.528   admit him and his brother Aristobulus to that fortress after they
Joseph:BJ_1.531   his betrayal of Alexander and Aristobulus.
Joseph:BJ_1.534   was given by Salome. For Aristobulus, wishing to involve her, who
Joseph:BJ_1.551   the end of Alexander and Aristobulus.
Joseph:BJ_1.553   Bernice, Salome's daughter, Aristobulus had three, Herod,
Joseph:BJ_1.557   I betroth the daughter of Aristobulus ; so may you become
Joseph:BJ_1.563   sisters of Alexander and Aristobulus. In view of this
Joseph:BJ_1.565   and gave the daughter of Aristobulus to Antipater himself, and the
Joseph:BJ_1.581   the murderers of Alexander and Aristobulus.
Joseph:BJ_1.586   each other, "After Alexander and Aristobulus, we and our wives will
Joseph:BJ_1.599   The ghosts of Alexander and Aristobulus a were indeed patrolling the
Joseph:BJ_1.603   the fate of Alexander and Aristobulus, and indignant at their own

  Aristobulus 4   of Alexandria - a Jewish philosopher, 2nd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
176/6 Aristobulus, the Jewish writer and philosopher, is in his prime.
    Within translations:
ChronPasc_437 ears. [Ol. 150.3] Aristobulus, the Jewish Peripatetic phi
Hieron:Chron_1841 nia, for 10 years. Aristobulus, the Jewish Peripatetic phi

  Aristobulus 5   - son of Amyntas; a Jewish envoy to Pergamon, 2nd century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_14.249 of Antipater, [249] and Aristobulus, the son of Amyntas,

  Aristobulus 6   - son of Alexander; appointed high priest by Herod
Wikipedia entry
36/20 Herodes makes Aristobulus high priest.
35/13 The high priest Aristobulus, the son of Alexandra, is killed by Herod
    Within translations:
ChronPasc_468   priest to his wife's brother, Aristobulus the son of Hyrc
Hieron:Chron_1983   ds, he replaced him with Aristobulus, the brother of Herod
Joseph:AJ_15.23   handsome, and was called Aristobulus; and her daughter, Mariamme,
Joseph:AJ_15.25   affairs; and when he saw Aristobulus, he stood in admiration at
Joseph:AJ_15.34   formerly set up Ananelus, because Aristobulus was then so very young
Joseph:AJ_15.41   it to this young man, Aristobulus, in his stead.
Joseph:AJ_15.51   [51] for when this youth Aristobulus, who was now in the
Joseph:AJ_15.64   what he had done to Aristobulus, because such a treacherous design
Joseph:AJ_20.247   he gave that dignity to Aristobulus; [248] for when he
Joseph:AJ_20.248   when he had made this Aristobulus, the grandson of that
Joseph:BJ_1.437   anus, and to her brother Aristobulus; for he had not spare

  Aristobulus 7   of Cassandreia; a historian, and companion of Alexander
Wikipedia entry
Athen_2.43 **[19.] [43] But Aristobulus of Cassandreia says that
Athen_6.251 satraps and kings." And Aristobulus of Cassandreia says
Lucian:Macr_22 menium ninety-six. Aristobulus of Cassandreia is said to

  Aristobulus 8   - brother of the philosopher Epicurus
DiogLaert_7.9 letter to his brother Aristobulus, as being companions
DiogLaert_10.3 eocles, Chaeredemus, and Aristobulus, who were excited by
DiogLaert_10.28 ges; one on Perceptions; Aristobulus; an essay on Music;

  Aristobulus 9   - a contemporary of the philosopher Chrysippus, 3rd century B.C.
DiogLaert_7.198 Argument, addressed to Aristobulus; another on the Non-a

  Aristobulus 10   son of Aristobulus and grandson of Herod
Wikipedia entry
Joseph:BJ_1.553   Herod, Agrippa, and Aristobulus besides two daughters,

  Aristobulus 11   of Thessalonice - corn commissioner at Delos, 3rd century B.C.
229/1 in_114, a decree of Delos in honour of Aristobulus of Thessalonice.

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