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  Aretas   I - king of the Nabataean Arabs, c. 168 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
2Macc_5 nd. Accused before Aretas the ruler of the Arabs, fleeing

  Aretas 2   II - king of the Nabataean Arabs, (?) 110-96 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Joseph:AJ_13.360 power of their enemies,) Aretas, king of the Arabians, a

  Aretas 3   III - king of the Nabataean Arabs, (?) 87-62 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
84/13 Aretas the king of the Nabataean Arabs defeats and kills Antiochus
84/14 Alexander Jannaeus agrees peace terms with Aretas.
84/22 Aretas gains control of Damascus.
66/16 ersuades Hyrcanus to take refuge with Aretas, the king of the Arabs.
64/5 Aretas invades Judaea and defeats Aristobulus.
63/24 Pompeius prepares to fight against Aretas and the Nabataean Arabs.
    Within translations:
Diod_40.4 king of the Jews, and Aretas king of the Nabataean Arab
Joseph:AJ_13.392 [392] After him Aretas reigned over Coele Syria, being
Joseph:AJ_13.414 band's enemies; for that Aretas, the Arabian king, and the
Joseph:AJ_* 14.14-21 * persuaded him to fly to Aretas, the king of Arabia; and
Joseph:AJ_14.32 the siege, and ordered Aretas to depart, or else he shou
Joseph:AJ_14.33 reat army, made war with Aretas and Hyrcanus, and fought
Joseph:AJ_14.81 hen he was sent to Aretas, as an ambassador by Scaurus,
Joseph:BJ_01.103 son of Mennaeus, invited Aretas [to take the government],
Joseph:BJ_01.124 uaded Hyrcanus to fly to Aretas, the king of Arabia, and
Joseph:BJ_01.126 ere he put Hyrcanus into Aretas's hand; and by discoursing
Joseph:BJ_01.129 siege. [129] So Aretas was terrified, and retired out
Joseph:BJ_01.131 that they had used to Aretas, and besought him to hate
Joseph:BJ_01.159 hom also Scaurus sent to Aretas, as one well acquainted

  Aretas 4   IV - king of the Nabataean Arabs, (?) 9 B.C. - 40 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
Joseph:BJ_1.574   him and his own sovereign, Aretas, for he had put to

  Aretas 5   - a boy associated with the poet Meleager in Tyre
Meleager_12.256 for it the lovely boughs of Aretas. Most blessed of isl

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