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  Arcturus   - a bright star
Wikipedia entry
Aelian:NA_4.47 appear. As soon as Arcturus has risen ** the bird returns
Aelian:NA_13.28 eap-tides coincides with Arcturus, ** the sea recedes from
Alcaeus_7.495 & { G-P 15 } & Arcturus' rising & is an ill season
AnthPal_7.392 tempestuous rising of Arcturus & and the darkness and
AnthPal_7.539 evil setting of rainy Arcturus & did you set out on
AntipThes_11.37 springs the bright flame of Arcturus. Already the vines
Athen_14.653 time of the rising of Arcturus, whether it be on his
LeonTar_7.295 did not owe his end to Arcturus, & nor did any tempest
LeonTar_7.503 sea, encountering the blast of Arcturus." & * & i.e. a
PsCallisth_2.32 ert, guided by the movement of Arcturus. The inhabitants
PsCallisth_2.40 set our guiding star by Arcturus and thus came out in twe
SEG_8.269 ter settings of the star Arcturus, while on the other

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