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  Archimedes   of Syracuse - mathematician and inventor; died in 211 B.c.
Wikipedia entry
215/12 Archimedes runs from his bath exclaiming "I've found it" after workin
215/13 Archimedes constructs war engines for Hieron.
213/6 and sea, but are forced back by war machines designed by Archimedes.
211/11 Archimedes visits Egypt and invents "Archimedes' Screw".
211/12 Archimedes constructs a globe which represents the movements of the
211/13 Archimedes requests that his tombstone shows his discovery of the rat
211/14 General remarks on the character and achievements of Archimedes.
211/15 Marcellus captures Syracuse; the death of Archimedes.
150/16a Gallus explains Archimedes' globe.
75/30 Cicero uncovers and restores Archimedes' tomb at Syracuse.
    Within translations:
Athen_* 05.206-208 * of Syracuse, which also Archimedes the geometrician super
Athen_14.634 by the contrivances of Archimedes, used to say that Arch
ChronPasc_432 rime. [Ol. 139.1] The engineer Archimedes was in his prime
Galen_1.657 in a similar way that Archimedes, as they say, burnt
Polyaen_8.11.1 walls by the machines of Archimedes, desisted for a time

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