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  Archias   of Corinth - the founder of Syracuse, 8th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Aelian:Fr_346 da_A'4104 , & M'1473 & & Archias and Myscellus consult the
Athen_4.167 temperance, sailing with Archias to Sicily when he was abo

  Archias 2   - Athenian archon, 346 B.C.
DionHal:Din_9 Theophilus Themistocles Archias Eubulus Lyciscus Pythodot
DionHal:Din_11 chised occurred in the time of Archias, who succeeded Them
FGrH_255.3 were Theophilus, Themistocles, Archias and Eubulus. In the
Philoch_52 and how it occurred when Archias was archon [346/5], are

  Archias 3   of Thurii, the "exile-hunter", late 4th century B.C.
322/29 Antipater sends Archias to capture the Athenian exiles.
322/34 Hypereides is captured by Archias on the island of Aegina, and is put
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_9 sentence. 14 How Archias the Thurian, who put them to
Plut:Mor_846 of Poseidon. When Archias came thither, - who, from his
Plut:Mor_849 he was apprehended by Archias, surnamed Phygadotheres,

  Archias 4   of Athens - a hierophant associated with courtesans, 4th century B.C.
Athen_13.592 name, whose keeper is Archias; but your friend Philonid
Athen_13.594 116 ]: "And you punished Archias the hierophant, when he

  Archias 5   of Corinth - the architect of a ship built by Hieron, 3rd century B.C.
Athen_5.206 having appointed Archias the Corinthian the superintende

  Archias 6   - Egyptian governor of Cyprus, 2nd century B.C.
154/7 Archias the governor of Cyprus accepts bribes from Demetrius, but is

  Archias 7   (A. Licinius Archias) - a Greek poet from Antioch, 1st century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
102/29 The poet Archias comes to Rome, and composes a poem on the war agains
93/9 The poet Archias is made a citizen of Heracleia, through the influenc
89/44 Q.Metellus, as praetor, enrols the poet Archias as a Roman citizen.
70/19 The poet Archias accompanies Lucullus in Asia.
62/32 Cic:Arch_, Cicero's speech in defence of the poet Archias.
Cicero,- CICERO, Oratio pro Archia
    Within translations:
Schol:Bob_175 xty days. Licinius Archias was unable to provide the neces

  Archias 8   - the first prytanis of Pergamon
OGIS_264 (117-138AD)   [A]   Archias [ordained that prytaneis]

  Archias   - in documents
OGIS_264 (117-238 A.D.)   [A]   Archias [ordained that prytaneis]
OGIS_59 (163)   igenes Eupolemos Archias Kleisippos Timarchides Bat
SelPap_1.4 the canal called that of Archias by which the holdin
Syll_314 (c. 320 +)   of Argos, the son of Archias Men's pentathlon: And
Syll_473 (239/8)   axanteia, the son of Archias, acting as secretary
Syll_485 (soon after 235/4)   stodoros of Leukonion Archias of Anakaia Diogene
Syll_552 (c. 213-203)   , Archedamos, Euanor, Archias and Nikoboulos, prese
Syll_657 (155/4)   son of Herakleitos Archias of Pallene, the son of
Syll_661 (c. 165/4)   ē, the son of Archias; concerning what the

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