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  Aphrodisias   - a city in Caria
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315/27 eitus defeats Theodotus, the admiral of Antigonus, near Aphrodisias.
88/24 IAph_8.3, a decree of Aphrodisias authorising immediate aid to be
84/18 IAph_8.2, a letter of Q.Oppius to the city of Aphrodisias.
39/10a a decree of the triumvirs concerning the city of Aphrodisias.
39/10b a resolution of the Roman senate granting privileges to Aphrodisias.
38/22 letters from Octavianus to the cities of Aphrodisias, Ephesus and Sam
38/23 ters from Octavianus to Stephanus, and from Stephanus to Aphrodisias.
    Within translations:
Plin:HN_5.109   Apolloniatae, Trapezopolitae and Aphrodisienses, a free people.
Porph:Fr_46   time he captured Aphrodisias, Soli, Zephyrium, Mallus,

  Aphrodisias   - in documents
SelPap_1.105 You have said to Aphrodisias "Do not forget me." How

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