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  Antiope   - the mother of Amphion and Zethus
Wikipedia entry
AnthPal_3.7   harshness their mother Antiope, whom her father, Nycteus
AnthPal_9.48   bull for Europa, a satyr for Antiope, and gold for Danae
AnthPal_9.775   a Satyr in order to possess Antiope at the Bacchic reve
Athen_13.597   master of the Graces, cause Antiope to go without her
Cic:Acad_2.20   first note say 'That is Antiope' or 'Andromache,' ** when we
Philip_9.253   Holy were the birth-pangs of Antiope, but Iocasta's heav

  Antiope 2   - queen of the Amazons; wife of Theseus
Wikipedia entry
Just_2.4 ime held the government, Antiope and Orithya; but Orithya

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