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  Antiochus   I Soter - king of Syria, 281-261 B.C.
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299/3a S_213, a decree of Miletus in honour of Antiochus, son of Seleucus.
298/10 13, an inscription at Didyma in honour of Antiochus son of Seleucus.
293/7 Antiochus marries Stratonice, and becomes joint king with Seleucus,
286/3 Antiochus, the son of Seleucus, settles Greeks from Babylon in Seleuc
281/24 bitants of Lemnos erect temples in honour of Seleucus and Antiochus.
281/24a Aegae in Aeolis, granting divine honours to Seleucus and Antiochus.
280/26 OGIS_219, a decree of Ilium in honour of Antiochus I.
280/27 Antiochus I is appointed "stephanephoros" of Miletus.
279/9 Hermogenes, a general of Antiochus, is defeated and killed while atta
279/27 nia forms an alliance with Heracleia to resist attacks by Antiochus.
279/28 War breaks out between Antiochus and Antigonus.
279/29 Warfare (? between Antiochus and Nicomedes) near Cyzicus.
278/17 The navies of Antiochus and Nicomedes, who is aided by Heracleia, con
278/26 Peace between Antigonus Gonatas and Antiochus.
275/8 Magas marries Apame, the daughter of Antiochus.
274/3 Antiochus brings some colonists from Babylon to settle in Seleuceia.
273/1 us' navy mounts a counter-attack against the territory of Antiochus.
273/2 send reinforcements, including 20 elephants, to Antiochus in Syria.
273/5 The poet Aratus goes to stay with Antiochus in Syria.
271/6 Antiochus recovers Damascus from the garrison of Ptolemy.
270/15 _221, a copy of letters from Antiochus I granting land in the Troad
269/13 Antiochus defeats the Gauls in the "elephant battle".
268/1 ing the rebuilding of the temple of Ezida at Babylon by Antiochus I.
268/7a decree of Stratoniceia in Caria, dated to the reign of Antiochus I.
267/3 decree of Ilium in honour of Metrodorus, the physician of Antiochus.
267/4 Antiochus receives a request for grape-syrup, figs, and a sophist fro
262/11 Eumenes defeats Antiochus I at Sardis.
261/16 Other cities founded by Antiochus I, including Achais-Heracleia, Apam
261/17 Antiochus returns to Athens some statues which had been removed by
261/18 of the League of Ionians commemorating the birthday of Antiochus I.
261/19 Antiochus chooses the sons of Sostratus the flute-player to be his
261/20 General comments on the prosperous lifestyle of Antiochus.
261/21 The death of Antiochus I, and accession of Antiochus II.
254/18 painting at Ephesus, insulting Stratonice, the wife of Antiochus I.
253/18 son of Antigonus marries Stratonice, the daughter of Antiochus I.
    Within translations:
Athen_1.19 his friends. And Antiochus his father made the sons of
Athen_6.244 ostratus the parasite of Antiochus the king, Evagoras the
Athen_6.254 cendants of Seleucus and Antiochus, [255] because Seleucus
Athen_6.255 cus, but also to his son Antiochus; and they have named
Athen_14.652 the Indians, wrote to Antiochus, entreating him (it is
Athen_14.653 and a sophist; and that Antiochus wrote to him in answer,
Euseb]:Chron_249 nus. Seleucus was succeeded by Antiochus, his son by Apame
Euseb]:Chron_263 Nicanor"] - for 32 years Antiochus Soter - for 19 years
ExcBarb_46A cus Nicanor for 32 years Antiochus Soter for 19 years Anti
Hieron:Chron_1737 After Seleucus, Antiochus Soter became king of Syria
Julian:Mis_348 this was the conduct of Antiochus, I have no right to be
Just_17.2 son of Demetrius, and Antiochus the son of Seleucus,
Just_24.1 arranged a peace with Antiochus, and contracted an affi
Just_25.1 two kings, Antigonus and Antiochus, a new enemy suddenly
Just_41.4 Nicator, and then under Antiochus and his successors, fro
Malal_200 och, after the name of his son Antiochus Soter. He immedia
Malal_204 ore, after the name of his son Antiochus. The learned Paus
Malal_205 After the death of Antiochus the son of Seleucus, Antiochu
Memn_* 8-12 * government of Asia to his son Antiochus. But Ptolemy
OGIS_215 (c. 280)   kings Seleukos and Antiochos; and to grant him p
OGIS_246 (160-120)   ochos the Great {III} Antiochos Soter {I} the di
OGIS_335 (150-133)   ] Lysimachos, his son Antiochos who succeeded hi
Phylarch_29 erect temples to Seleucus and Antiochus. Book 14 [30] &
Plut:Demetr_29 best cavalry, fell upon Antiochus the son of Seleucus,
Plut:Demetr_31 eed, already a son named Antiochus, by Apame, a Persian
Plut:Demetr_38 eleucus, was now wife to Antiochus, the son of that prince
Plut:Demetr_50 imating, that as soon as Antiochus and Stratonice should
Plut:Demetr_51 aited for the arrival of Antiochus and Stratonice, to make
Polyaen_4.15.1 ntly against the enemy. [15] Antiochus, son of Seleucus.
Polyaen_4.16.1 city. [16] Antiochus, son of Antiochus. When Antiochu
Polyaen_6.7.2 friend and ally of king Antiochus, and suspected of inten
Porph:Fr_43 Nicanor; the second was Antiochus Soter; the third was
RC_5 Babon kings Seleukos and Antiochos made the offerings
SEG_20.325 (281-261)   ios on behalf of king Antiochos and queen Strato
SEG_59.1406A (281)   good . . . to Seleukos and Antiochos . . . so that
Syll_322 polis son of Poseidippos Antiochos son of Seleukos Ant
Syll_426 (c. 270-261)   ple holds in honour of king Antiochos Soter. Tyron
Vit:Arat_1 Syria and stayed with Antiochus, who asked him to produ
Vit:Arat_3 that Aratus also went to Antiochus the son of Seleucus,

  Antiochus 2   II Theos - king of Syria, 261-246 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
261/21 The death of Antiochus I, and accession of Antiochus II.
258/11 Antiochus frees Miletus from the tyrant Timarchus.
256/11a OGIS_223, a letter from Antiochus to the city of Erythrae.
253/4 OGIS_225, recording the sale of land from Antiochus II to Laodice.
253/10 Second Syrian War between Antiochus and Ptolemy II; Rhodes
252/10 Antiochus marries Berenice, the daughter of Ptolemy Philadelphus.
251/5 Antiochus threatens to go to war against Byzantium, but the dispute
246/4 eus rewards the doctor Cleombrotus for saving the life of Antiochus.
246/29a and Apame, the children of Antiochus and Laodice, attend a ceremony
246/30 near Babylon, which had been given by Antiochus to his wife Laodice.
246/30b Austin_171, a treaty between Lysimacheia and Antiochus.
246/31 The philosopher Lycon rejects an invitation to visit Antiochus.
246/32 Antiochus besieges Cypsela.
246/33 Antiochus encourages exploration of the Indian Ocean.
246/34 Antiochus grants rights of citizenship to the Greeks(?) in Ionia.
246/34b Antiochus removes the images of some gods from Cyprus, and places the
246/35 Antiochus maintains a herd of elephants.
246/36 Antiochus treats Herodotus, a reciter of mimes, and Archelaus, a danc
246/37 Antiochus is regularly drunk, and entrusts the government of his king
246/38 The death of Antiochus II, and accession of Seleucus II.
244/1 The daughters of Antiochus II are given in marriage to Ariarathes and
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_30 ted satrap of Parthia by Antiochus Theos, to avenge an ins
Athen_1.19 were more honoured by Antiochus the king than any other
Athen_2.45 Berenice in marriage to Antiochus the king of Syria, took
Athen_7.289 Cyprian, the friend of Antiochus the king, as Pythermus
Athen_7.290 [290] the Heracles of Antiochus the king;" but all the
Athen_10.438 ries [ Fr_6 ], says that Antiochus the king was a man very
ChronSynt_91 Antigonus for 20 years Antiochus for 13 years Seleucus
Euseb]:Chron_249 hter of Demetrius; a son Antiochus, and two daughters Stra
Euseb]:Chron_251 Callinicus, succeeded Antiochus and reigned for 21 year
Euseb]:Chron_263 hus Soter - for 19 years Antiochus Theos - for 15 years
ExcBarb_46A ochus Soter for 19 years Antiochus Theoidus for 15 years
Hieron:Chron_1756 129.4 * . [1756] Antiochus Theos became king of Syria,
Joseph:AJ_12.125 ileges of citizens which Antiochus, the grandson of Seleuc
Just_27.1 [27.1] On the death of Antiochus, king of Syria, his son
Just_28.1 united to a sister of Antiochus king of Syria), that
Malal_205 he was still young, and Antiochus, who was called Theoeid
Memn_15 antines were at war with Antiochus, the Heracleians suppor
OGIS_226 to Miletos through king Antiochos Theos, (?) with the
OGIS_246 (160-120)   iochos I} the divine Antiochos {II} the divine Sel
Philoch_T1 and archons down to the last Antiochus, the one surnamed
Phylarch_6 Athen_10.438'c-d & &# Antiochus II of Syria is fond of
Polyaen_4.16.1 and captured the city. [16] Antiochus, son of Antiochus
Polyaen_8.50.1 [50] Laodice. Antiochus, surnamed Theos, married Laod
Porph:Fr_43 Antiochus Soter; the third was Antiochus Theos ["the God"]
RC_17 (c. 255)   m Aiolis. King] Antiochos to the [council and peo

  Antiochus 3   III the Great - king of Syria, 222-187 B.C.
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  + Antiochian
242/12 The birth of Antiochus III.
222/5 III is assassinated, and is succeeded by his brother Antiochus III.
222/5a Antiochus appoints Achaeus to command his forces in Asia Minor.
221/4 Molon starts a rebellion against Antiochus.
221/5 Antiochus marries Laodice, the daughter of Mithridates of Pontus.
221/26 gyptian army holds a defensive position against Antiochus at Gerrha.
221/27 Molon defeats Xenoetas, the general of Antiochus.
221/30 Antiochus takes command of the war against Molon.
221/31 Antiochus stops for the winter at Antiocheia in Mygdonia.
220/4 Antiochus crosses the Tigris and advances against Molon.
220/8 Antiochus defeats Molon near Apollonia-Sittace.
220/32 Antiochus subdues Arbazarnes, the ruler of "the Satrapies".
220/38 Hermeias the minister of Antiochus is put to death.
219/12 Antiochus captures Seleuceia in Pieria.
219/26 Theodotus, the governor of Coele Syria, deserts to Antiochus.
219/35 The Egyptians prepare their army for war against Antiochus.
218/8 Inconclusive negotiations between Antiochus and Ptolemy.
218/18 Antiochus defeats the Egyptian general Nicolaus near Sidon.
218/36 Antiochus captures several towns in Palestine, and then attacks and
217/19 The Egyptian army advances to meet Antiochus.
217/21 The Egyptian army defeats Antiochus at Raphia.
217/36 ace terms are agreed between Antiochus and the Egyptians; the end of
216/22 Antiochus enters an alliance with Attalus against Achaeus.
215/30 Antiochus begins the siege of Sardis, which is held by Achaeus.
214/23 Antiochus captures most of Sardis, and forces Achaeus back into the
213/5a EG_39.1283-1285, letters of Antiochus and Laodice to the city of Smy
210/15 (?) Antiochus crosses the Euphrates.
209/8 Antiochus forces the Parthian king into submission.
209/12 Antiochus III establishes his son Antiochus as joint king.
208/8 Antiochus defeats the Bactrians.
206/6a 231-232), letters from kings Antiochus, Ptolemy, and Attalus recognis
206/10 Peace terms are agreed between Antiochus and Euthydemus of Bactria.
206/16 Antiochus reaches India.
205/11 Antiochus sends Jewish settlers to Phrygia and Lycia.
205/12 Antiochus receives the epithet "the Great".
204/19a Euphorion is appointed by Antiochus to be head of the public library
204/20 Euphorion is appointed by Antiochus to be head of the public library
204/25 Antiochus allows the Gerraeans to retain their liberty.
203/11 Austin_151, a decree of Teos in honour of Antiochus III.
202/6 The "partition pact" between Antiochus and Philippus: an informal agr
201/10 Antiochus captures Gaza.
201/19a lemaeus, son of Thraseas, to Antiochus III, about disputes in village
201/21a RC_41, a letter from Antiochus to Tralles.
201/21d lemaeus, son of Thraseas, to Antiochus III, about the billeting of
200/12 Roman envoys cross over from Greece to meet Antiochus.
200/16 Antiochus defeats the Egyptians at Panium.
200/23 The Jews transfer their allegiance to Antiochus after his victory.
199/7 Antiochus forces Scopas to surrender after besieging him at Sidon.
199/8 Zariadris, two generals of Antiochus, after the death of its king
198/9 Antiochus occupies Coele Syria.
198/18 Antiochus gives aid to the city of Iasus to enable it to recover from
197/10 Antiochus arranges the betrothal of his daughter Cleopatra to Ptolema
197/20 Rhodians send an embassy to Antiochus, in an attempt to restrain his
197/21 in Lycia give their support to Mithridates, the son of Antiochus.
197/21a OGIS_746, recording the consecration of Xanthus by Antiochus.
197/24 Antiochus captures Ephesus.
197/25 Antiochus defeats Rhodes, Samos, Colophon and Phocaea in a naval batt
196/1 Lampsacus and Smyrna appeal to Rome against Antiochus.
196/10 Antiochus restores Lysimacheia.
196/12 The fleet of Antiochus is wrecked in a storm while attempting to cros
196/20 a report from the ten commisioners on the activities of Antiochus.
195/15a (OGIS_237), a decree of Iasus in honour of Antiochus and Laodice.
194/12 Antiochus protects Byzantium against the Thracians.
193/4 embassies from various Greek states, including one from Antiochus.
193/6 Antiochus gives his daughters in marriage to Ptolemy and Ariarathe
193/8 of Caria with an edict of Antiochus concerning the cult of Laodice
193/9 ceia in Media with the edict of Antiochus about the cult of Laodice.
193/18 ails to reach agreement with Antiochus; negotiations are interrupted
193/19 Antiochus discusses plans for a war against Rome with his advisers
192/6 the Aetolian League invites Antiochus to "liberate" the Greek states
192/14 The Romans make preparations for a war against Antiochus.
192/15 Antiochus crosses to Demetrias.
192/16 The Aetolians appoint Antiochus as their general against the Romans.
192/17 The Achaean League refuses to support Antiochus.
192/18 Antiochus conquers Euboea.
192/22 The Romans declare war on Antiochus.
192/25 The Boeotians and others give their support to Antiochus.
192/27 Antiochus holds a council at Demetrias; Hannibal is present, but Anti
191/4 Antiochus captures many Thessalian cities, but fails to captures Lari
191/5 Antiochus marries the daughter of Cleoptolemus in his winter quarters
191/6 Antiochus occupies most of Acarnania.
191/8 Antiochus captures the son of Scipio Africanus.
191/9 Antiochus occupies and fortifies the pass at Thermopylae.
191/10 The Romans defeat Antiochus at Thermopylae.
191/11 Buplagus, a soldier of Antiochus who was killed at Thermopylae, comes
191/12 Antiochus returns to Ephesus.
191/27 The Romans and Eumenes defeat the fleet of Antiochus at Corycus.
191/32 Scipio Africanus agrees to serve as his legate against Antiochus.
190/1 Antiochus prepares new forces on land and sea.
190/2 Antiochus leaves Ephesus hastily, to avoid any impropriety with the
190/8 Roman fleet, but makes little progress in his attacks on Antiochus.
190/16 Prusias refuses to enter an alliance with Antiochus.
190/18 Acilius celebrates a triumph over Antiochus and the Aetolians.
190/20 Antiochus abandons Lysimacheia.
190/26 OGIS_244, a letter of Antiochus concerning the appointment of a chief
190/27 Antiochus sends Heracleides of Byzantium to negotiate with the Romans
190/31 The Romans decisively defeat the army of Antiochus at Magnesia.
189/2 comments on the war against Antiochus, and the role of the various
189/3 agree peace terms, by which Antiochus is forced to withdraw from Asi
189/3 Scipio and Antiochus agree peace terms, by which Antiochus is forced
189/3 withdraw from Asia Minor; the end of the war against Antiochus.
189/7 the senate, together with embassies from Antiochus and the Rhodians.
189/21 Regillus celebrates a triumph, for his naval victory over Antiochus.
189/24 triumph for his victory over Antiochus, and brings back an enormous
189/27 Antiochus refuses to attack as advised by Hannibal, because a sacrifi
189/29 Hannibal leaves Antiochus and goes via Crete to Armenia, where Artaxi
188/5 The treaty of Apameia between the Romans and Antiochus.
188/11 The triumph of Q.Fabius, for his naval victory over Antiochus.
187/1a Antiochus visits Babylon and is shown the purple robe of Nebuchadnezz
187/3 Antiochus writes to the cities in his kingdom, telling them not to
187/3b Antiochus builds a new quarter in the city of Antioch.
187/4 nax is selected to be one of Antiochus' "friends" after reciting his
187/5 Antiochus fails to live up to the promise of the early years of his
187/6 The death of Antiochus III, and accession of Seleucus IV.

  Antiochus 4   IV Epiphanes - king of Syria, 175-164 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Epiphanes
178/4a Romans build a new house for Antiochus to live in during his stay in ^
178/4b Demetrius replaces Antiochus as a Syrian hostage at Rome. ^
178/4d SEG_32.131, an Athenian decree in honour of Antiochus Epiphanes.
175/12 Antiochus IV suppresses Heliodorus and establishes himself as king
175/13 ing Eumenes for his help in establishing Antiochus as king of Syria.
173/5 embassy from Antiochus establishes friendly relations between the
172/3 Antiochus settles Greek citizens in Babylon.
172/7 Antiochus IV sends Apollonius as his representative to a coronation
170/6 The cities of Tarsus and Mallus rebel against Antiochus.
170/6b Antiochus suppresses bandits in Mount Taurus, who have been ravaging
170/12 Antiochus puts to death the "son of Seleucus".
170/28 Antiochus learns of Egyptian plans for a war against him.
170/30 Embassies from Antiochus and Ptolemy arrive at Rome.
169/8 The armies of Antiochus and Ptolemy advance to meet each other.
169/16 Antiochus defeats the Egyptians near Pelusium.
169/18 Antiochus captures Pelusium.
169/22 Antiochus addresses envoys from Athens, Miletus, Clazomenae, and the
169/23 Ptolemy VI joins Antiochus, who promises to support him against
169/24 Antiochus besieges Alexandria.
169/29 Antiochus withdraws from Alexandria.
169/29a zens of Babylon celebrate the news of Antiochus' victories in Egypt.
169/30 Antiochus robs the temple at Jerusalem.
168/1 from Alexandria appeals to the senate for help against Antiochus IV.
168/6 assembly for support against Antiochus, but receives no practical hel
168/8 Antiochus IV invades Egypt for a second time.
168/8a _40A, describing fighting in Egypt during the invasion by Antiochus.
168/27 Jason attacks Menelaus, who appeals for help to Antiochus.
168/39 Popillius meets Antiochus near Alexandria, and promptly orders him
168/40 Antiochus carries back a large quantity of loot from his invasions
168/46 Hor claiming that he foretold the retreat of Antiochus from Egypt.
168/47 Antiochus captures Jerusalem, and massacres the inhabitants.
168/52 Embassies from Antiochus, Ptolemy, Eumenes and Masinissa, and from
167/10 Apollonius, the general of Antiochus, suppresses his opponents in Jer
167/14a lphi in honour of Dicaearchus of Laodiceia, a courtier of Antiochus.
167/19 Antiochus issues a decree forcing the Jews to adopt Hellenic customs
166/13 Antiochus holds a magnificent festival and games at Daphne.
166/14 OGIS_253, a dedication to Antiochus as founder of Babylon.
166/17 assess the situation in Syria, and is entertained by Antiochus.
165/7 Antiochus appoints Lysias as viceroy during his expedition to the Eas
165/10 Antiochus defeats Artaxias, king of Armenia.
164/2 Antiochus IV and two Roman legates, Q.Memmius and T.Manius, write to
164/4 Antiochus IV campaigns against the Parthians.
164/6 mple at Jerusalem, caused by Antiochus, lasts for three and a half
164/9 Antiochus sends an expedition to explore the Arabian side of the Pers
164/11 Antiochus celebrates his "marriage" to the local goddess at Hierapoli
164/11a OGIS_250, a statue of Antiochus, the benefactor of Athens, at Delos.
164/12 Antiochus IV pays for temples at Antioch and Athens, and many other
164/13 General remarks on the quixotic character of Antiochus.
164/14 Death of Antiochus IV, after an unsuccessful attack on a temple in
    Within translations:
1Macc_1 ame forth a sinful root, Antiochus Epiphanes, son of Antio
1Macc_3 as. 27 When king Antiochus heard these reports, he was
1Macc_6 Judah. [6] & & King Antiochus was going through the
1Macc_10 B.C. }, the son of Antiochus, landed and occupied Ptolemai
2Macc_* 1-10 * intending to marry her, Antiochus came to the place toget
4Macc_4 Seleucus died, his son Antiochus Epiphanes succeeded to
4Macc_5 sm. [5] The tyrant Antiochus, sitting in state with his
4Macc_10 and utterly abominable Antiochus gave orders to cut out
4Macc_17 23 For the tyrant Antiochus, when he saw the courage of
4Macc_18 enemy. The tyrant Antiochus was both punished on earth
Apollod:Fr_79 of money which induced Antiochus [Epiphanes], in violati
Athen_2.45 eliodorus tells us, that Antiochus Epiphanes, whom Polybiu
Athen_5.193 the entertainment which Antiochus, who was surnamed Epiph
Athen_5.210 of the above-mentioned Antiochus, and the son of Demetri
Athen_5.211 was a pretended son of Antiochus Epiphanes, substituted
Athen_10.438 chus. [52.]   And Antiochus the king, who was surnamed
Athen_10.439 bius tells us "that when Antiochus was celebrating some
ChronPasc_440 betrayed his country to Antiochus Epiphanes, was killed
ChronPasc_441 at, Seleucus Philopator, Antiochus Epiphanes and the young
ChronPasc_464 ears. In his time, Antiochus besieged the Jews and forced
ChronPasc_509 ars. At this time Antiochus the king of Syria besieged
ChronSynt_65 9. In the time of Antiochus Epiphanes, the king of the
ChronSynt_67 happened in the time of Antiochus Epiphanes, the king of
ChronSynt_92 Seleucus for 11 years Antiochus Epiphanes for 11 years
Cuneif_P.363353$$65LZCuneif_P.363353 (165)   k, 10 Ayyar, 147th year of Antiochus, the king. The
Diod_34.1 riends reminded him that Antiochus surnamed Epiphanes, aft
Euseb]:Chron_123 er, up until the time of Antiochus Epiphanes, who as king
Euseb]:Chron_127 34 years In his time, Antiochus Epiphanes was king of
Euseb]:Chron_129 ongst men. So from Antiochus Epiphanes until the 15th year
Euseb]:Chron_161 for 11 years; but when Antiochus invaded Egypt and remov
Euseb]:Chron_253 behind two sons, Seleucus and Antiochus. Seleucus succeed
Euseb]:Chron_263 hilopator - for 12 years Antiochus Epiphanes - for 11 year
ExcBarb_35B took place at Jerusalem, when Antiochus was king of Syria
ExcBarb_46A Philometor for 12 years Antiochus Epiphanes for 11 years
ExcBarb_47A imon. At that time Antiochus the king of the Syrians conqu
GranLic_4 for cavalry] [28] [p4] Antiochus, who was staying at Ath
GranLic_6 consul for the second time, Antiochus died of terror
GranLic_10 granted the kingdom of Antiochus Epiphanes to his son
Hieron:Chron_1842 151.2 * . [1842] Antiochus Epiphanes [became king] of
Hieron:Chron_1845 845] [1841 in Ar.] Antiochus suddenly attacked the kingdom
Hieron:Chron_1848 848] [1851 in Ar.] Antiochus opposed the Jewish laws, and
Hieron:Chron_1857 ously betrayed Judaea to Antiochus Epiphanes, was put to
Hieron:Chron_1866 Alexander, the son of Antiochus Epiphanes and king of
Joseph:AJ_12.234 was dead, his brother Antiochus, who was called Epiphan
Joseph:AJ_12.236 rcanus, when he saw that Antiochus had a great army, and
Joseph:AJ_12.240 stressed, and retired to Antiochus, and informed him that
Joseph:AJ_12.242 nations. [242] Now Antiochus, upon the agreeable situation
Joseph:AJ_12.246 curacy. [246] King Antiochus returning out of Egypt for
Joseph:AJ_12.258 they sent ambassadors to Antiochus, and an epistle, whose
Joseph:AJ_12.262 answer, in an epistle: "King Antiochus to Nicanor. The
Joseph:AJ_12.269 uld obey the commands of Antiochus, either out of fear,
Joseph:AJ_12.270 of them, and sacrificed, as Antiochus had commanded.
Joseph:AJ_12.293 [293] When king Antiochus heard of these things, he was
Joseph:AJ_12.296 him to bring up his son Antiochus with all possible care,
Joseph:AJ_12.297 297] And when king Antiochus had given these things in cha
Joseph:AJ_12.316 herefore the generals of Antiochus's armies had been beate
Joseph:AJ_12.320 ple was made desolate by Antiochus, and so continued for
Joseph:AJ_12.354 time it was that king Antiochus, as he was going over
Joseph:AJ_* 12.358-361 * ood man, yet saith that "Antiochus died because he had a
Joseph:AJ_12.393 Bacchides, a friend of Antiochus Epiphanes, a good man,
Joseph:AJ_13.35 Alexander, the son of Antiochus Epiphanes, came up into
Joseph:AJ_13.292 ptive under the reign of Antiochus Epiphanes." This story
Joseph:BJ_01.19 ple, I shall relate] how Antiochus, who was named Epiphane
Joseph:BJ_* 01.31-34 * At the same time that Antiochus, who was called Epiphan
Joseph:BJ_* 01.37-40 * and to give battle to Antiochus's generals, when he bea
Just_34.2 hese transactions, Antiochus, king of Syria, made war upon
Just_34.3 racter of ambassador, to Antiochus, to desire him "to refr
Just_35.1 reported to be the son of King Antiochus. And such was
Just_35.2 hom he had slain, and to Antiochus, from whom he had prete
Malal_* 205-207 * lopator for 10 years, and then Antiochus Epiphanes for 12
MegTaan_11 the 28th thereof Antiochus (the king) departed from Jeru
OGIS_246 (160-120)   eukos {IV} the divine Antiochos Epiphanes {IV} the
OGIS_253 (166)   the reign of king Antiochos, god [Epiphanes, the]
Plut:Mor_202 pilius was sent to Antiochus with a letter from the senate
Polyaen_4.21.1 and partly from India, through Antiochus king of Syria.
Porph:Fr_* 35-38 * Judaea at the time of Antiochus Epiphanes; and so inste
Porph:Fr_* 50-57 * Rome relate that when Antiochus returned after being
Porph:Fr_49a rphyrius as referring to Antiochus Epiphanes, the brother
Porph:Fr_49b ets this as referring to Antiochus, who marched with a lar
Porph:Fr_58a says that this refers to Antiochus and the three and a hal
Porph:Fr_58b fulfilled in the time of Antiochus through the desolation
Porph:Fr_58c ory over the generals of Antiochus, when Judas Maccabaeus
Poseidon_69 liation of the temple by Antiochus Epiphanes, when the hea
Syll_644 (c. 172)   ers who speak to king Antiochos shall also visit Eu
Syll_645 (c. 172)   t as envoys to king Antiochos, making it clear that
THI_86 (170-164)   ese statues of king Antiochos, son of king Antiocho

  Antiochus 5   V Eupator - king of Syria, 164-162 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Eupator
175/12 himself as king of Syria, with his (?) son Antiochus as co-ruler.
164/14 nsuccessful attack on a temple in Elymais; accession of Antiochus V.
163/23 Antiochus V defeats the Jewish army at Bethzacharia.
163/24 Antiochus agrees peace terms with the defenders of Jerusalem, but aft
163/24a SEG_41.1556, a letter of Antiochus concerning a petition from Iamnia
163/29 Antiochus captures and kills the usurper Philippus.
163/30 The Jewish high priest Menelaus is put to death by Antiochus.
161/3 Antiochus restores the town of Charax.
161/4 Demetrius captures and kills Antiochus V and Lysias.
    Within translations:
1Macc_3 was also to take care of Antiochus his son until he return
1Macc_6 net, that he might guide Antiochus his son and bring him
1Macc_7 fathers, the army seized Antiochus and Lysias to bring the
2Macc_2 Epiphanes and his son Eupator, 21 and the appearances
2Macc_* 9-14 * appointed my son Antiochus to be king, whom I have often
ChronPasc_440 ochus Epiphanes, was killed by Antiochus Eupator. Then Alc
ChronPasc_441 Epiphanes and the young Antiochus Eupator, up until the
ChronSynt_92 Epiphanes for 11 years Antiochus Eupator for 2 years Dem
Euseb]:Chron_253 was still alive, his son Antiochus called Eupator was made
Euseb]:Chron_263 Epiphanes - for 11 years Antiochus Eupator - for 1 year
ExcBarb_46A book of Maccabees. Antiochus Eupator for 2 years Demetrius
GranLic_10 hus Epiphanes to his son Antiochus, who was still a young
Hieron:Chron_1853 154.1 * . [1853] Antiochus Eupator [became king] of Syri
Hieron:Chron_1857 to death by the younger Antiochus, Alcimus, despite not
Joseph:AJ_12.360 deliver them to his son Antiochus; and desired him to tak
Joseph:AJ_12.361 and appointed his son Antiochus to be king, (of whom
Joseph:AJ_12.364 themselves, and went to Antiochus the king, and desired
Joseph:AJ_12.366 ccours. [366] When Antiochus, who was but a child, heard
Joseph:AJ_12.375 a siege. As for Antiochus, he sent part of his army to
Joseph:AJ_12.376 the king. And when Antiochus had thus taken the city, he
Joseph:AJ_12.379 general of the army, and Antiochus the king, were informed
Joseph:AJ_12.383 le. [383] But when Antiochus came into it, and saw how str
Joseph:AJ_12.386 386] But when king Antiochus found that Philippus had alre
Joseph:AJ_12.390 And when they had taken Antiochus the king, and Lysias,
Joseph:AJ_20.234 all fifteen, until king Antiochus Eupator, were under a
Joseph:AJ_20.235 then the forementioned Antiochus, and Lysias the general
Joseph:BJ_* 01.40-48 * ntiochus died; whose son Antiochus succeeded him in the
Malal_207 chus died, his son Antiochus Glaucus, who was called Hiera
MegTaan_12 concessions granted by Antiochus V.]
THI_86 (170-164)   odike and their son Antiochos, were dedicated by Ha

  Antiochus 6   VI Theos Epiphanes - king of Syria, 145-142 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
145/27 Diodotus, called Tryphon, sets up Antiochus VI as a rival king.
141/9 Tryphon puts Antiochus VI to death.
    Within translations:
1Macc_* 11-13 * rab, who was bringing up Antiochus, the young son of Alexa
Athen_5.211 singing woman. But Antiochus, who succeeded Alexander in
ChronSynt_92 Demetrius for 3 years Antiochus son of Alexander for
Diod_33.28 called Tryphon killed Antiochus son of Alexander, who
Diod_33.4a trusted with the care of Antiochus, called Epiphanes; this
Euseb]:Chron_255 Seleuceia, he defeated Antiochus the son of Alexander,
Hieron:Chron_1877 rs. [not in Ar.] Trypon killed Antiochus, the son of Alexa
Hieron:Chron_1879 of Syria after killing Antiochus the son of Alexander,
Joseph:AJ_13.131 Arabian, who brought up Antiochus, the son of Alexander,
Joseph:AJ_* 13.144-150 * Syria, with the child Antiochus, for he was yet in age
Joseph:AJ_13.187 was no longer firm to Antiochus, but contrived by subtl
Joseph:AJ_13.218 his governor destroyed Antiochus, the son of Alexander,
Joseph:BJ_01.49 hon, who was guardian to Antiochus's son, laid a plot agai
Just_36.1 the people guardian to Antiochus, the step-son of Demetr

  Antiochus 7   VII Sidetes - king of Syria, 138-129 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
138/8 Antiochus VII marries Cleopatra, his brother's wife, and becomes the
138/9 Antiochus drives out Tryphon, who takes refuge in Dora.
138/24 Antiochus sends Athenobius to demand concessions from Simon.
136/5 Cendebaeus the general of Antiochus invades Judaea.
134/17 Antiochus VII attacks Jerusalem.
133/2 Scipio publicly accepts a gift from Antiochus.
133/27 Antiochus grants a truce to the Jews during the feast of Tabernacles.
132/10 Hyrcanus comes to terms with Antiochus.
130/9 Antiochus VII, accompanied by Hyrcanus of Judaea, defeats Phraates
130/19 Antiochus' troops are billetted in various cities for the winter.
129/1 Negotiations between Antiochus and Phraates break down.
129/3 Antiochus is given shelter by a poor family after getting lost while
129/4 Antiochus invites his subjects to magnificent feasts.
129/5 Antiochus VII is defeated and killed by Phraates.
129/6 captures the Syrian army, along with Seleucus the son of Antiochus.
129/2a dedication at Ptolemais on behalf of Antiochus VII and Cleopatra.
127/2 Alexander Zabinas arranges the burial of Antiochus VII.
    Within translations:
1Macc_15 have them. [15] & & Antiochus, the son of Demetrius
Aelian:NA_10.34 its nest in the tent of Antiochus ** hinted obscurely at
Athen_10.439 And his namesake, the Antiochus who carried on war in
Athen_12.540 speaking of his namesake Antiochus, who made war upon Arsa
Diod_34.1 same events. [1] &   King Antiochus besieged Jerusale
Diod_* 34.15-18 * negotiate peace. Antiochus replied that he would grant
Euseb]:Chron_255 her of Demetrius, called Antiochus, was brought up in the
Euseb]:Chron_257 yle as a prisoner. Antiochus the fifth had three sons and
Euseb]:Chron_263 Demetrius - for 3 years Antiochus Sidetes - for 9 years
ExcBarb_46B Grypus for 3 years [46B] Antiochus Situs for 9 years Demet
Hieron:Chron_1880 * . [1880] Then Antiochus Sidetes [became king of Syria
Hieron:Chron_1885 162.1 . [1885] Antiochus Sidetes, the king of Syria,
Hieron:Chron_1889 ars. Arsaces of Parthia killed Antiochus. 163.2 . [1890]
Joseph:AJ_13.219 that Demetrius's brother Antiochus, if he came to be king,
Joseph:AJ_* 13.222-226 * dren. [222] But as Antiochus, the brother of Demetrius who
Joseph:AJ_13.236 delphia. [236] But Antiochus, being very uneasy at the mis
Joseph:AJ_* 13.241-244 * ar. [241] However, Antiochus would not let those that were
Joseph:AJ_13.247 stages immediately, which king Antiochus accepted. One of
Joseph:AJ_13.248 these conditions Antiochus broke up the siege, and depar
Joseph:AJ_* 13.251-254 * writes thus: [251] "When Antiochus had erected a trophy
Joseph:AJ_* 13.261-263 * untries of theirs, which Antiochus had taken from them in
Joseph:AJ_13.271 He was the son of Antiochus that was called Soter, who
Joseph:AJ_13.273 for after the death of Antiochus, he revolted from the
Joseph:AJ_14.249 hus the king, the son of Antiochus, should do no injury
Joseph:BJ_* 01.50-52 * fterward an auxiliary to Antiochus, against Tryphon, whom
Joseph:BJ_01.61 phia. [61] And now Antiochus was so angry at what he had
Joseph:BJ_01.62 at another time, when Antiochus was gone upon an expedi
Just_36.1 defeated in a battle by Antiochus, the brother of Demetri
Just_38.10 require. [38.10] Antiochus, having heard of their design
Just_38.9 rius against his brother Antiochus, as circumstances, the
Just_39.1 39 [39.1] After Antiochus and his army were cut off in
Just_39.2 mother, and son of his uncle Antiochus. Grypus having
Just_42.1 enge for the attempts of Antiochus on the Parthian dominio
Malal_208 ochus the offspring of Grypus, Antiochus Euergetes became
Plut:Mor_184 wine. ANTIOCHUS. Antiochus, who twice made an inroad int
Poseidon_9 _12.540'b-c & Public feasts of Antiochus Sidetes. & & see
Poseidon_11 mments on the hard drinking of Antiochus Sidetes. [12] [64

  Antiochus 8   VIII Grypus - king of Syria, 125-96 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Grypus
125/7 Cleopatra sets up Antiochus Grypus as king.
123/7 Antiochus Grypus defeats Alexander Zabinas.
123/9 Antiochus Grypus captures and kills Alexander Zabinas.
122/1 Antiochus Grypus is reconciled with Ptolemy VIII and marries his
120/3 The death of Cleopatra, the mother of Antiochus Grypus.
115/4b statue of Cn.Papirius Carbo dedicated by Antiochus VIII of Syria.
113/10 Cyzicenus marries Cleopatra of Egypt and attacks Antiochus Grypus.
112/10 Grypus defeats Cyzicenus and captures Antioch, where Cleopatra the
111/9 Antiochus Grypus holds magnificent games at Daphne.
111/10 and puts Cleopatra Tryphaena to death; Grypus retreats to Aspendus.
109/14 OGIS_257, a letter from Antiochus VIII to Ptolemy IX concerning
109/14a RC_70, a letter from Antiochus concerning Zeus of Baetocaece.
108/8 Antiochus Grypus grants independence to Seleuceia.
96/3 Heracleon murders Antiochus Grypus.
96/4 Seleucus the son of Grypus is proclaimed king, and attacks Antiochus
95/10 The accession of Demetrius, another son of Antiochus Grypus.
    Within translations:
Athen_4.153 to honour by that king Antiochus who was surnamed Grypus
Athen_5.210 And another king, Antiochus, when celebrating the games
Athen_6.246 ing been the parasite of Antiochus surnamed Grypus, king
Athen_12.540 [ Fr_21 ], says that "Antiochus the king, who was surna
ChronSynt_92 Demetrius for 4 years Antiochus Grypus for 12 years Ant
Diod_34.28 ested and taken to the camp of Antiochus. Such is the ines
Diod_40.1a the son of Philippus son of Antiochus Grypus. Philippus
Euseb]:Chron_* 257-263 * younger brother Antiochus came to power in the second
ExcBarb_46A trius Soter for 12 years Antiochus Grypus for 10 years Dem
ExcBarb_46B rius the son for 4 years Antiochus the son of Grypus for
Hieron:Chron_1893 164.1 * . [1893] Antiochus Grypus [became king] of Syria
Hieron:Chron_1905 Syria after forcing out Grypus, and then Grypus recovered
Joseph:AJ_* 13.269-271 * afterward fought with Antiochus the son of Demetrius,
Joseph:AJ_13.325 [325] Now while Antiochus Philometor, and Antiochus who
Joseph:AJ_13.365 ge. [365] About this very time Antiochus, who was called
Just_* 39.1-4 * of his nose was named Grypus, was made king by his moth
Malal_207 After Demetrianus, Antiochus the offspring of Grypus becam
Malal_208 splendid. After Antiochus the offspring of Grypus, Anti
OGIS_260 (116/5)   King [Antiochos] Epiphanes Philometor
Poseidon_* 21-24 * _12.540'a-b & Lavish feasts of Antiochus Grypus at Daphne.
Poseidon_23 Apollonius is a parasite of Antiochus Grypus. [24] [75.

  Antiochus 9   IX Cyzicenus - king of Syria, 115-95 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Cyzicenus
113/10 Antiochus Cyzicenus marries Cleopatra of Egypt and attacks Antiochus
112/10 captures Antioch, where Cleopatra the wife of Cyzicenus is killed.
111/10 Cyzicenus defeats Grypus and puts Cleopatra Tryphaena to death; Grypu
108/13 Lathyrus sends six thousand soldiers as aid to Antiochus Cyzicenus.
96/4 son of Grypus is proclaimed king, and attacks Antiochus Cyzicenus.
95/2 Antiochus Cyzicenus fortifies the citadel at Apameia.
95/3 Antiochus Cyzicenus removes the gold from a statue of Zeus.
95/4 The character of Antiochus Cyzicenus.
95/5 Seleucus defeats and kills Antiochus Cyzicenus; in the king-lists Phi
95/6 The accession of Antiochus Eusebes, the son of Cyzicenus.
    Within translations:
ChronSynt_92 chus Grypus for 12 years Antiochus Cyzicenus for 19 years
Diod_34.34 ancestors. [34] & Antiochus Cyzenicus, as soon as he gain
Euseb]:Chron_* 257-263 * fifth was another Antiochus, who was brought up by Crater
ExcBarb_46B of Grypus for 7 years Antiochus Cyzicenus for 18 years
Hieron:Chron_1905 * . [1905] Then Antiochus Cyzicenus [became king of Syr
Hieron:Chron_1923 alive by Antiochus the son of Cyzicenus. [not in Ar.] The
Joseph:AJ_* 13.270-278 * her, who was also called Antiochus, was raising an army
Joseph:AJ_13.282 ich his sons fought with Antiochus Cyzicenus, he was alone
Joseph:AJ_13.325 ntiochus Philometor, and Antiochus who was called Cyzicenu
Joseph:AJ_* 13.366-369 * ngdom, and made war with Antiochus, his father's brother,
Joseph:AJ_14.38 was at Apameia, which Antiochus Cyzicenus had built,
Joseph:AJ_14.249 desired of them, that Antiochus the king, the son of
Joseph:BJ_01.65 They also invited Antiochus, who was called Cyzicenus,
Just_* 39.2-4 * the throne arose, named Cyzicenus, a brother of his own
Just_40.2 Antiochus, the son of Cyzicenus, was made king of Syria
Malal_208 ked him, as a wife for his son Antiochus, who was called
OGIS_256 (129-117)   teros, the tutor of Antiochos Philopator, son of

  Antiochus 10   X Eusebes - king of Syria, 95-83 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
95/6 The accession of Antiochus Eusebes, the son of Cyzicenus.
95/8 Antiochus Eusebes defeats Seleucus.
94/5 wned in the river Orontes after being defeated by Antiochus Eusebes.
88/47a Antiochus Eusebes is either killed or expelled from Syria.
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_259 Cilicia, the victory went to Antiochus. Seleucus fled
Euseb]:Chron_261 pus, and Antiochus, the son of Antiochus Cyzicenus. Starti
Hieron:Chron_1923 Seleucus was burnt alive by Antiochus the son of Cyzice
Hieron:Chron_1924 ing refuge with the Parthians, Antiochus surrendered to
Joseph:AJ_* 13.367-371 * But after a while Antiochus, the son of Cyzicenus, who
Joseph:AJ_13.369 ds. [369] But when Antiochus, the son of Cyzicenus, was

  Antiochus 11   XI Epiphanes (Philadelphus) - king of Syria, 95-94 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
95/9 is succeeded by his brothers Antiochus Epiphanes and Philippus.
94/5 Antiochus Epiphanes is drowned in the river Orontes after being defea
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_261 His two brothers Antiochus and Philippus who were called
Joseph:AJ_13.369 enus, was king of Syria, Antiochus, the brother of Seleucu

  Antiochus 12   XII Dionysus - king of Syria, 87-84 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
86/37 Antiochus Dionysus is proclaimed king at Damascus.
84/11 Antiochus marches through Judaea, despite the opposition of Alexander
84/13 king of the Nabataean Arabs defeats and kills Antiochus Dionysus.
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_* 13.387-391 * [387] After this, Antiochus, who was called Dionysus, and
Joseph:BJ_* 01.99-101 * [99] Yet did that Antiochus, who was also called Dionysiu
Malal_208 up until the reign of Antiochus, son of Dionices the
Malal_211 the 15th year of Antiochus, son of Dionices the leper,
Malal_212 of these statues." When Antiochus son of Dionices heard

  Antiochus 13   XIII Asiaticus - king of Syria, 69-64 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
75/41 Antiochus and his brother arrive in Rome; he is recognised as king
66/4 sets himself up as a rival king of Syria in opposition to Antiochus.
64/25 mpeius refuses to re-instate Antiochus Asiaticus as king of Syria:
63/80 Antiochus is killed by the Arabs but Philippus, another Seleucid prin
    Within translations:
Athen_12.547 Epicureans. But Antiochus the king banished all the phi
Diod_40.1a ch, feeling contempt for Antiochus because of his defeat,
Diod_40.1b with his forces and sent for Antiochus. Antiochus went
Euseb]:Chron_261 ants of Antioch, ignored Antiochus and allowed to city to
Just_40.2 conquered by Lucullus, Antiochus, the son of Cyzicenus,

  Antiochus 14   - the father of Seleucus I, king of Syria
Arrian:Fr_1 Crateuas, Seleucus the son of Antiochus, and Eumenes of
Just_13.4 fell to Seleucus the son of Antiochus. 18 Cassander
Just_15.4 aodice, being married to Antiochus, a man of eminence amon
Malal_204 his father was called Antiochus; but no-one would name

  Antiochus 15   Hierax - brother of Seleucus II, king of Syria
Wikipedia entry
  + Antigonus
246/29a Seleucus, Antiochus and Apame, the children of Antiochus and Laodice,
241/15 Seleucus forms a pact with Antiochus Hierax to drive the Egyptians
240/39 Seleucus defeats Antiochus Hierax in Lydia.
239/20 Seleucus II is defeated by Antiochus and the Galatians at Ancyra; he
238/12 the war between Seleucus and Antiochus, to expand his control over
230/7 Antiochus Hierax wins a temporary victory at Magnesia.
229/9 Attalus defeats Antiochus Hierax in Phrygia.
228/7 Attalus defeats Antiochus Hierax and the Galatians in two battles,
228/14 Attalus defeats Antiochus Hierax again, by the river Harpasus in Cari
227/5 Antiochus ambushes Andromachus, the general of Seleucus.
227/9 Seleucus defeats his brother Antiochus.
227/10 Antiochus takes refuge with Ariamenes, but moves on after learning
226/6 Antiochus Hierax is killed by a band of Gauls.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_6.44 pass over the horse of Antiochus ** which avenged his
Aelian:NA_7.45 called ' the eagle,' and Antiochus, so it is said, to be
Euseb]:Chron_251 called Callinicus and Antigonus, and two daughters by
Euseb]:Chron_253 llinicus, the brother of Antigonus, died in the next year,
Just_27.2 letter to his brother Antiochus, in which he implored
Just_27.3 cked both the victorious Antiochus and the Gauls, as if
Just_41.4 brothers, Seleucus and Antiochus, procured them impunity
OGIS_273 (c. 238-227)   the Hellespont [against] Antiochos. [275]   [F
OGIS_280 (229-197)   nst the Galatians and Antiochos, as a thank-offe
Phylarch_49 archus records that when Antiochus fell in battle, Centare
Plut:Mor_184 CHUS HIERAX. [184] Antiochus, surnamed the Hawk, warred
Polyaen_4.17.1 ies instead of enemies. [17] Antiochus Hierax. Antioc
Porph:Fr_43 eleucus Callinicus and another Antiochus, by his previous

  Antiochus 16   - eldest son of Antiochus III ; died in 193 B.C.
209/12 Antiochus III establishes his son Antiochus as joint king.
193/18 are interrupted by the death of Antiochus, eldest son of the king.
    Within translations:
OGIS_246 (160-120)   at {III} the divine Antiochos {son of Antiochos
SEG_33.1184 (196)   ntiochos and his son Antiochos, in the year 117, in
SEG_49.1943 (c. 197)   t king Antiochos and Antiochos the son and queen La

  Antiochus 17   - eldest son of Antiochus VII
Euseb]:Chron_257 The third, called Antiochus, fell ill and died, like his

  Antiochus 18   - a member of the Syrian royal family; invited to Egypt in 57 B.C.
57/40 Antiochus is summoned to be the consort of Berenice, but dies before
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_261 and Callimander to ask Antiochus to come and rule in Egy

  Antiochus 19   I - king of Commagene; grandson of Antiochus Grypus
Wikipedia entry
69/15 Antiochus of Commagene, Alchaudonius, and other princes transfer thei
64/17 Pompeius forces Antiochus of Commagene into submission, and makes an
40/40 OGIS_383, the Law of Antiochus I of Commagene on Mount Nemrud.
38/15 Antonius besieges Antiochus of Commagene at Samosata, but eventually
37/19 Phraates kills Antiochus of Commagene.
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_14.447 47] and in a little time Antiochus delivered up the fortre
Joseph:BJ_01.322 kingdom; and now king Antiochus was forced to deliver

  Antiochus 20   - Spartan ephor in the 4th century B.C.
Plut:Mor_192 umpets. ANTlOCHUS. Antiochus being Ephor, when he heard

  Antiochus 21   - appointed by Ptolemy III to be governor of Cilica
Porph:Fr_43 governed by his friend Antiochus, and he gave the provin

  Antiochus 22   - father of Numenius, a Jewish envoy in the 2nd century B.C.
1Macc_12 osen Numenius the son of Antiochus and Antipater the son
1Macc_14 ws, `Numenius the son of Antiochus and Antipater the son
Joseph:AJ_13.169 send Numenius the son of Antiochus, and Antipater the son
Joseph:AJ_14.146 and Numenius, the son of Antiochus, and Alexander, the son

  Antiochus 23   of Ascalon - Academic philosopher; died about 68 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
81/23 the fighting, and studies philosophy with Antiochus of Ascalon.
78/12 and Atticus are taught philosophy at Athens by Antiochus of Ascalon.
68/26 The philosopher Antiochus accompanies Lucullus during his eastern cam
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_315 spent six months with Antiochus, the principal and most

  Antiochus 24   (Valley of Antiochus) - an area to the east of the river Jordan
Joseph:AJ_13.394 is called The Valley of Antiochus, as also the fortress
Joseph:BJ_01.105 was called the Valley of Antiochus; besides which, he took

  Antiochus 25   of Syracuse - Greek historian, 5th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Euseb]:Chron_281 dinary historian, but by Antiochus of Syracuse, whom I hav

  Antiochus 26   - author of a book about the antiquities of Athens
Phylarch_47 tioned by Pherecydes and Antiochus; or the ones which were

  Antiochus 27   - the father of Amyntas, 4th century B.C.
PsCallisth_1.41 was Amyntas, the son of Antiochus, who had gone over to

  Antiochus   - in documents
AnthPal_12.91 need not, you looked on Antiochus, conspicuous by his gol
CIL_1.1480 Goddess, from Lucius Apuleius Antiochus (?), freedma
CIL_1.1510 us, slave of Lucius and Marcus Antiochus . . . public
CIL_1.2351 Tettius Balbus. Antiochus, slave of Tossius Sextus
CIL_1.2371 unterbalance}. Near Mantua. I, Antiochus, modelled
CIL_1.2689 Spes {"Hope"}: Antiochus, slave of Quintus P
CIL_1.2693 rgunteius Marcus Epidius Antiochus, freedman of Marcus
CIL_1.2702 hilus, slave of Publius Staius Antiochus, surveyor, s
CIL_1.682 Publius Numerius Munnius Antiochus, freedman of Nume
CIL_1.683 edman of Marcus [. . Titinius] Antiochus, freedman of
CIL_1.688 Aulus Publius Octavius Antiochus, freedman of Pub
Lucill_11.315 15] & { F 119 } & Antiochus once set eyes on Lysimachus'
Meleager_12.133 now that I have kissed Antiochus, fairest of our youth,
Meleager_12.54 Love now that she sees Antiochus among the young men,
Meleager_12.78 splendid youth himself, Antiochus would be Love, and Love
PCairZen_59057 to Apollonios, and . . . if Antiochos also approves.
PLond_1948 me to report to Nikanor and Antiochos, we reported them
RC_75 kings Arsaces to Antiochus and Phraates the two arc
SelPap_1.60 ank, namely Theon son of Antiochus, of the Auximeto
SelPap_2.207 King Ptolemy to Antiochus greeting. A
SelPap_2.397 dioecetes, 1 roll for Antiochus the Cretan, 1 roll for
Syll_322 tigonos son of Menodoros Antiochos son of Antiochos
Syll_530 (3rd-2nd century)   coins: Thrakion - or Antiochos as he is called (?)
Syll_599 (c. 196-192)   Philotimos Lykippos son of Antiochos . . . Apollod
Syll_657 (155/4)   Marathon, the son of Antiochos Gorgias of Ionidai,
THI_102 (174)   and Apollodoros and Antiochos, priests of Sarapis a
THI_127 (c. 210)   inas son of Lousippos, Antiochos son of Ariston, Sa
THI_64 (263-236)   on       Antiochos of Larisa the son

Antiochussee Eunus

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