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  Anaxandrides   - a Greek writer of Middle Comedy, 4th century B.C.
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Athen_1.28 on the chest. And Anaxandrides mentions "a jar full of
Athen_2.39 I am aware indeed that Anaxandrides says that nectar is
Athen_4.176 forth. [176] And Anaxandrides, in his Treasure, says -
Athen_5.222 Herodicus. For, as Anaxandrides the comic writer says ,
Athen_6.242 False Embassy. And Anaxandrides, in his Odysseus, mentions
Athen_6.247 u;ος: and Anaxandrides uses the word &omicr
Athen_6.255 alpha;, complaisance; as Anaxandrides does in his Samian,
Athen_6.261 after flattery, Anaxandrides the comic poet gives the
Athen_6.263 ith the mills. And Anaxandrides, in his Anchises, says -
Athen_11.463 ach has drained it." And Anaxandrides also mentions the
Athen_12.553 of wild ivy. And Anaxandrides, in his Protesilaus, says-
Athen_13.570 from your hand. Anaxandrides also, in his Old Man's Mad
Athen_14.614 eatly. [3.] & Now Anaxandrides, in his Old Man's Madness,
Athen_14.634 one at the same time, as Anaxandrides intimates in his Man
Athen_14.638 ourney better. And Anaxandrides, in his Heracles, says-
Athen_14.642 the dozen gods at once. Anaxandrides, in his Clowns, says
Athen_14.654 and a paunch. And Anaxandrides, in his Rival in Love, has
Athen_15.694 ten, Myrtilus said, that Anaxandrides the comic poet had
Syll_399 (278/7)   r of Aristion son of Anaxandrides as archon at Del

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