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  Amphis   of Athens - a writer of Middle Comedy, 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_2.44   then began again. Amphis, the comic writer, says somewher
Athen_2.50   apples red. And Amphisó & Mulberries you see, my friend
Athen_4.168   are not so luxurious, as Amphis says - & Drink throughout
Athen_4.175   too, in his Carina; and Amphis, in his Dithyrambus, sayin
Athen_10.421   reeds no drunkenness, as Amphis says, in his Pan: nor does
Athen_13.559   ole of Greece. And Amphis says in his Athamas- & Is not
Athen_13.563   from her enemy. Amphis, too, in his Dithyrambus, speaks
Athen_13.567   rtesans are mentioned by Amphis, in his Curis, where he
Athen_13.591   cited [ 567'e ]); and so has Amphis, in his Curis. And
Athen_14.642   of dainty. And Amphis, in his Woman-Madness, says, -
Athen_15.691   [691] Amphis also, in his Odysseus mentions

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