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  Alps   - mountains to the north of Italy
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  + Alpine , Alpini
220/24 suffect consuls, Veturius and Lutatius, advance as far as the Alps.
218/42 Hannibal leads his army up into the Alps.
218/43 Hannibal descends from the Alps.
186/11 band of Gauls crosses the Alps and settles near Aquileia.
170/18 Carthage and Masinissa, from Alpine states complaining about C.Cassiu
118/3 Q.Marcius defeats the Styni, an Alpine tribe.
102/16 The Teutones march towards the Alps.
102/20 Catulus retreats from the Alps as the Cimbri advance.
76/1 Pompeius crosses the Alps.
72/1 nds both consuls to face Spartacus, who is heading towards the Alps.
57/48 Ser.Galba is driven out of the Alps by the Veragri.
41/1 The triumph of L.Antonius, from the Alps.
    Within translations:
[Tib]:PanMes_106   and wide over the icy Alps; a witness too in the poor
Aelian:NA_14.23   the foot of the Alps, facing the north wind; and beneat
Athen_6.233   which are now called the Alps, (they are mountains in Gaul
Athen_15.682   is a lake near the Alps, many stades in circumference, round
Cic:Rep_3.16   forbid the races beyond the Alps to plant the olive or
Crinag_9.283   and you deep-valleyed Alps that look down on the nearby
Crinag_9.516   ed. Under the high Alps the shock-headed robbers, when the
FastTr__C   ibe in Campania Carni An Alpine tribe, on the north-east
FastTr__S   etween the Rhone and the Alps Sassinates Inhabitants of
FastTr_p109   M.f. M.n., consul, & from the Alps, [k.Jan.] (1st January
Festus:Brev_3   the state, the Maritime Alps, Cottian, Raetian, and Noric
Festus:Brev_6   uls from Italy; when the Alps had been crossed, he battled
Festus:Brev_7   made through the Julian Alps; when all the Alpini had bee
Just_24.4   conquered heights of the Alps, and places uninhabitable
Nepos_23.3   When he came to the Alps separating Italy from Gaul, which
Obseq_3   Gauls, who had crossed the Alps into Italy, were driven away
Obseq_38   on fire. After crossing the Alps, the Cimbri and Teutones cruelly
Obseq_43   Thurii. The Cimbri crossed the Alps after Spain had been devastated,
Oros_5.16   over the snows of the Alps with forces intact and swept
Oros_7.8   of Vitellius, one in the Alps, another near Placentia, and the
Oros_7.22   made their way through the Alps, Raetia, and the whole of
Oros_7.35   the narrow slopes of the Alps and the passes which had
Ovid:Cons_1   late from the foe their Alpine hiding-places, and won ren
Ovid:Cons_377   witness the Rhine and Alpine valleys and Isargus, whose
Philip_9.561   ice of the snowy Celtic Alps or the iron-bearing soil of
Plin:HN_37.173   as well close to the Alps. These are gems which are
Plut:Mor_206   considerable town in the Alps, and his friends said, they
Polyaen_8.23.2   rived at the foot of the Alps, and found the mountains occ
Poseidon_103   they live around the Italian Alps. [104] [277.K] & Strab
Sall:Hist_2.82   hroat of Italy, from the Alps into Spain; & and over thos
Sall:Hist_3.6   ian forces [withdrew] into the Alps. The Terentuni were
Schol:Bob_91   the other side of the Alps some of the slave girls, who
ValMax_2.7e.2   barricades and fortresses of the Alps and of Mount Taurus; and
ValMax_3.7e.6   a new passage through the Alps, laying at the king's feet
ValMax_5.5.3   one breath; for passing the Alps and the Rhine, he rode

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