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  Alexis   of Thurii - a writer of comedies, belonging to the "Middle Comedy"
Wikipedia entry
274/9 The death of Alexis, the leading poet of the "Middle Comedy".
    Within translations:
Athen_1.18   increased so much, that Alexis says that even if a man
Athen_1.28   the maker of. And Alexis says,- & All wise men think &
Athen_6.235   was first invented by Alexis, forgetting that Epicharmu
Athen_6.237   the parasite. And Alexis says that there are two kinds
Athen_6.240-244 *   lus, who is mentioned by Alexis in his Milesian Woman, and
Athen_6.247   ast to follow. And Alexis in his Orestes, Nicostratus in
Athen_6.248   cron;ς is used by Alexis, in his Woman sitting up
Athen_6.254   [254] Therefore, Alexis, in his Apothecary, or Crateuas,
Athen_6.255   time. Accordingly, Alexis says in his Liar - & A flatterer
Athen_6.258   ian a wet one. And Alexis says that there were many tutors
Athen_7.289   ander relates. And Alexis also makes mention of Menecrates
Athen_8.338   heard. [21.] And Alexis, in his Demetrius, ridicules,
Athen_8.354   I, like the Milcon of Alexis, the comic poet, can eat
Athen_9.369   roasted now. And Alexis, in his Enthusiast, says-- & I
Athen_10.419-422 *   of moderate meals, as Alexis tells us in his Woman in
Athen_10.441   heavenly gods. And Alexis, in his Female Dancer, says- &
Athen_11.463   the words of The of Alexis, 'are doing none of our
Athen_11.470-473 *   from a Therikleios that Alexis, in Hesionē represents Heracles
Athen_11.481   us completely ! "   Alexis in The : "{A} And
Athen_11.483   canteen kothon ? "   Alexis in Toilers : "Thereupon he
Athen_11.496-502 *   broad, shallow cup, mentioned by Alexis in Dropides ; his testimony
Athen_11.784   has letters inscribed on it. Alexis : "{A} Let me tell
Athen_12.510   according to the Tyndareus of Alexis -
Athen_12.516   and it is mentioned by Alexis, in his Woman Working all
Athen_12.544   be corrupted. And Alexis, turning him into ridicule in
Athen_12.552   has related. And Alexis, in his Thesprotians, said- &
Athen_13.558   of the Soothsayers of Alexis- & Oh wretched are we husb
Athen_13.562-568 *   age from the Phaedrus of Alexis: & As I was coming back
Athen_13.572   urs, is such a person as Alexis, or Antiphanes, represents
Athen_13.574   ll-tried lyre. And Alexis, in his Loving Woman, tells us
Athen_13.586   in his Chick. And Alexis mentions her in his Cleobuline,
Athen_13.587   ojecting headland. Alexis also mentions Nannion, in his
Athen_13.590   Learn, then, that Alexis, in his Fire-Lighter, has said
Athen_13.595   proud Harpalus. Alexis also mentions her in his Lyciscu
Athen_13.605   his passion. And Alexis the poet mentions this circumsta
Athen_13.610   &# At all events, Alexis, in his Horse, says- & Is this
Athen_14.613   he rejoined,- Why, in Alexis, who, in his play called
Athen_14.621   speaking in this way, as Alexis, in his Woman who has take
Athen_14.638   rpander or Phrynis." And Alexis mentions Argas, in his Bar
Athen_14.642   ery fond of sweetmeats. Alexis, too, says in his Polyclei
Athen_14.644   for it is a blunder of Alexis, when he speaks of them
Athen_14.650-655 *   arn from the Breutias of Alexis, where we read these lines
Athen_14.661   use. [81.] & And Alexis, in his Cauldron, shows plainly
Athen_14.663   from the testimony of Alexis, quoted by Artemidorus;
Athen_15.671   out of the Suspicion of Alexis -
Athen_15.678   And Alexis, in his Agonis, or The
Athen_15.685-692 *   -for that is the word Alexis has used for a man
Athen_15.699   And Alexis says, in his Midon -
Athen_15.700   [61.]   Alexis, too, uses the word

  Alexis 2   of Tarentum - a rhapsodist
Athen_12.538 itylene; after whom also Alexis of Tarentum, the rhapsodis

  Alexis 3   of Samos - author of a history of Samos
Athen_12.540 swine from Sicily." And Alexis, in the third book of his
Athen_13.572 ite the Prostitute." And Alexis the Samian, in the second

  Alexis 4   - Athenian archon, 173 B.C.
173/_ Athenian archon: Alexis

  Alexis 5   - a boy who was loved by the philosopher Plato
AnthPal_7.100 & { F 6 } & On Alexis and Phaedrus {not an epitaph}

  Alexis   - in documents
AnthPal_6.51 Dindymus, did womanish Alexis, ceasing from furious clas
Meleager_12.127 & { G-P 79 } & I saw Alexis walking in the road at noo
Meleager_12.164 oneself is lovely too, even as Alexis now loves soft-haire
Meleager_16.213 Meleager's poems. Alexis : & 12.127 , 12.164 , 12.165 Ant
Nicarch_4502,5 dishes to a gourmand, Alexis, when, at dinner with Damo
OGIS_59 (163)   iodoros Timon Leontios Alexis Aristokles Gorgosthen
PCairZen_59077 against them. But Alexis, apparently the local officer
Syll_585 (197-175)   e proxenoi: [300] Alexis of Herakleia, the so

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