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  Alcmaeon   - son of Amphiaraus; took part in the expedition of the Epigoni against Thebes
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Athen_6.232   ments of Eriphyle, which Alcmaeon consecrated at Delphi
Cic:Acad_2.52   things like the words of Alcmaeon ** :
Cic:Acad_2.88   to see him, while his Alcmaeon says
Cic:Acad_2.89   had been true ? Again, Alcmaeon himself whom you quote, **
Cic:Tusc_3.11   grief. Thus we say Athamas, Alcmaeon, Ajax, and Orestes, were raving
Nepos_15.6   Argos came Orestes and Alcmaeon, the matricides; from Thebes,
Plut:Arat_3   the Persian resembled Alcmaeon, the son of Amphiaraus,

  Alcmaeon 2   - son of Aeschylus; archon of the Athenians in the eighth century B.C.
Euseb]:Chron_183 son of Codrus, and ending with Alcmaeon son of Aeschylus.
Euseb]:Chron_187 After Aeschylus, Alcmaeon ruled the Athenians, for 2 yea
Euseb]:Chron_189 ears. [p189] After Alcmaeon, the Athenians decided to appo

  Alcmaeon 3   of Croton - Pythagorean philosopher, 6th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Diogenes- DIOGENES LAERTIUS, Life of Alcmaeon

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