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  Albania   - a country on the western side of the Caspian Sea, to the south of the Caucasus
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  + Albani , Albanians
66/35 Oroeses, the king of the Albanians, makes an unsuccessful attack
65/11 peius attacks Oroeses, king of the Albanians, and defeats him again.
65/12 ius agrees a treaty with the Albanians, and other nations bordering
37/17 Canidius defeats the Iberians and Albanians.
    Within translations:
FastTr__A   eastern border of Latium Albanians A tribe on the west sid
FastTr_p108   the Scythians, the Jews, Alb]ania and the pirates, [for
Festus:Brev_16   lchians; fought with the Albani; granted peace to Orhodes,
Festus:Brev_20   gave a king to the Albani; received Hiberians, Bosphorians
Just_42.3   rulers. With the Albanians he formed an alliance, a peop
Oros_1.2.30   in the lands of the Albanians, who live near the Caspian
Oros_6.4   Orodes, the king of the Albanians, and his prefects. Later he
Plin:HN_4.39   Asia, Armenia, Iberia, Albania, Cappadocia, Syria, Egypt,
Plin:HN_6.29   by the race of the Albani and then that of the
Plin:HN_6.36   the coast of Cadusia and Albania as 725 miles, from there
Plin:HN_6.38   along the coast are the Albani, said to be descended from
Plin:HN_6.39   down to the sea through Albania are the Casus and the
Plin:HN_7.12   states that certain people in Albania are born with keen grey
Plin:HN_7.98   the Scythians, Jews and Albanians, Iberia, the Island of
Plin:HN_8.149   to India, the king of Albania had presented him with one

  Albania 2   - a tribe in the city of Urso, Spain
CIL_add.2 (c. 45)   a, Calpurnia, Martia, Albania, Ilia, Troia, Vene

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