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  Alban   Mount - a mountain in Latium, where unofficial triumphs were celebrated
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230/2 over the Corsicans on the Alban Mount, after being refused an offi
172/5 tes a private triumph on the Alban Mount, for his victory in Corsica.
44/13 during a procession from the Alban Mount, but he rejects the title.
    Within translations:
FastTr_p101   cans, the first triumph on the Alban Mount, 3 non.Mart.
FastTr_p102   uls and the Ligurians, on the] Alban [Mount, ...] [196/5]
FastTr_p104   scribe, propraetor, & on the Alban Mount from Corsica,
FastTr_p108   ator (IV), & an ovation on the Alban Mount, 7 k.Feb. (26th
Just_42.3   out of Italy, from the Alban mount, when, after having
NicDam_127.13   onsuls had to ascend the Alban Mount to perform the custom
Obseq_9   Cornelius was returning from the Alban Mount he became paralysed and
Obseq_38   The Alban Mount seemed to be on
Obseq_70   the Latin festival on the Alban Mount when a sacrifice was
Plin:HN_3.69   to receive flesh on the Alban Hill, namely the Albani, Aesolani,
Plin:HN_34.43   can be seen from the Temple of Jupiter Latiaris Out of
ValMax_3.6.5   way of triumphing on the Alban Mount, and set a precedent

  Alban 2   Lake - a lake in Latium, near Alba Longa
Wikipedia entry
CIL_1.2659   ercules. A pillar found by the Alban Lake. . . . best
Euseb]:Chron_289   house was swallowed up by the Alban lake. The Romans who
ValMax_1.6.3   For on a sudden the Alban lake, neither augmented by any

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