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  Aesopus   (Aesop) - writer of fables; a slave of Iadmon in the 6th century B.C.
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Aelian:Fr_203 1806 , & Suda_E'1909 & & Aesopus is killed, but comes back
Aelian:NA_16.5 and had not thumbed your Aesop, who used to say that the
FGrH_252.B tyrant at Athens; and Aesopus was thrown to his death
Julian:Caes_307 ose old-fashioned ones such as Aesopus wrote. But whether
Plut:Arat_30 sincere virtue. Aesopus tells us, " That the cuckoo one
Plut:Arat_38 he perfectly resembled Aesopus' hunter, 10 for he would

  Aesopus 2   (Claudius Aesopus) - tragic actor at Rome in the first century B.C.
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54/65 General comments on the career of the actor Aesopus.
53/41 Clodius, the son and heir of Aesopus, swallows pearls dissolved in

  Aesopus 3   - an associate of Mithridates Eupator, who wrote an Encomium of the king
63/20 Teucer of Cyzicus and Aesopus write about the achievements of Mithrid

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