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  Accius   ( L. Accius ) - Roman poet, born in 170 B.C.
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  + Accian
197/30 Accius incorrectly states that Livius Andronicus was still alive and
170/31 The birth of the poet Accius.
140/18 Accius and Pacuvius both produce plays during this year, though Pacuv
139/20 The floruit of Accius the tragedian.
136/10 aevola condemns a mime for abusing the poet Accius by name on stage.
131/16 spoils from Spain, and inscribes verses of Accius on their walls.
130/23 Accius reads one of his tragedies to Pacuvius at Tarentum.
104/19 The first performance of "Tereus", a play written by Accius.
86/53 The poet Accius refuses to stand in the presence of C.Caesar.
86/54 Accius sets up a colossal statue of himself.
86/55 saying of Accius, about oratory.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_72 date of the year. Accius informs us that Livius was taken
Cic:Brut_73 ones. But in this, Accius was so far mistaken, that Ennius
Cic:Brut_107 ften assured by the poet Accius, (an intimate friend of
Cic:Brut_229 in the case of the poet Accius, who says that both he and
Ennius:Ann_513 used of elephants. Accius used it earlier [than Vergilius]
Hieron:Chron_1878 78] [not in Ar.] L.Accius, the writer of tragedies, was

  Accius 2   ( T. Accius ) - the prosecutor of Cluentius, 66 B.C
Cic:Brut_271 speaker; and T. Accius, of Pisaurum, to whom I replied

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