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  Academy   - a school of philosophy at Athens, which was founded by Plato
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  + Academic , Academics
313/18 pher Xenocrates, who is succeeded as head of the Academy by Polemon.
286/5 Arcesilaus leaves Theophrastus and joins the Academics.
269/8 The death of Polemon, the Academic philosopher.
265/15 ath of Crates of Athens, the Academic philosopher; Arcesilaus succeed
240/24 racter and beliefs of Arcesilaus, the founder of the Middle Academy.
214/8 Lacydes resigns as head of the Academy.
189/12 Hegesinus becomes head of the Academy at Athens.
184/7 The death of Moschion, an Academic philosopher.
167/14 The death of Agamestor, an Academic philosopher.
163/6 The death of Telecles, an Academic philosopher.
160/10 Carneades becomes head of the Academy at Athens.
156/12 The death of Apollonius, an Academic philosopher.
136/4 emarchus becomes head of the Academy, when Carneades the son of Epico
130/6a Crates becomes head of the Academy, following the death of Carneades
128/2 tomachus becomes head of the Academy after the death of Crates of Tar
109/8 The Academic philosopher Cleitomachus expounds the doctrines of his
83/16 ero is a pupil of Philon, an Academic philosopher, who encourages him
78/10 Cicero's "de Finibus", which takes places in the Academy at Athens.
51/9 Demetrius, an Academic philosopher, is punished by Ptolemy for ref
    Within translations:
AnthPal_6.144 edless of it, nor joyous Academy, in whose bosom I tell
AnthPal_7.103 and Crates were Academic philosophers of the early 3rd
Apollod:Fr_16 aus) & Arcesilaus, head of the Academy. [22] [STEPHANUS
Apollod:Fr_55 the Palladium, moved to the Academy [with many] of his
Apollod:Fr_56 in the Palladium, entered the Academy with many of his
Athen_2.44 And Polemon the Academic philosopher, from the time tha
Athen_10.419 says that Polemon, the Academic philosopher, used to exh
Athen_11.509 are some of the Academics, who live in a scandalous and
Athen_12.545 & I seem to see the genuine Academy. [64.] And Aristoxe
Athen_13.561 course, that, though the Academy was manifestly consecrate
Athen_13.602 Spartans, as Hagnon the Academic philosopher tells us,
Athen_13.609 statue of Eros in the Academy, on which there is the
Athen_13.610 rse, says- & Is this the Academy; is this Xenocrates? &
Cic:Brut_120 philosophers of the Old Academy,) in whose system, a just
Cic:Brut_121 much too fierce for the Academy; as that of the philosoph
Cic:Brut_149 sect, my Brutus, the Old Academy, has defined all virtue
Cic:Brut_306 ading philosopher in the Academy, with many of the princip
Cic:Brut_315 philosopher of the Old Academy; and under this able mast
Cic:Brut_332 discipline of the Old Academy, and its successor Aristu
Crinag_7.645 & On Philostratus, an Academic philosopher and a favour
DiogLaert_7.11 ted to place one pillar in the Academy, and one in the Lyc
DiogLaert_7.163 hen a philosopher of the Academy said that he did not comp
DiogLaert_7.183 eighth book, came to the Academy, he joined them in the
DiogLaert_7.184 following the system of the Academics. {7} Hermippus
DiogLaert_10.1 enocrates was president of the Academy, and Aristotle at
Lucian:Macr_20 des, the head of the New Academy, eighty-five; Chrysippus,
Plut:Arat_5 Athens under Arcesilaus the Academic. As these readily
Plut:Arat_34 and proceeded as far as the Academy. But they implored
Plut:Mor_192 when he was old, in the Academy reading philosophy to his
Plut:Phoc_4 with Xenocrates in the Academy; and from the very first,
Plut:Phoc_14 quainted with him at the Academy, pledged his honour to

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