Justinus: Epitome of Pompeius Trogus' "Philippic histories"

Pompeius Trogus lived in the reign of the Roman emperor Augustus. He wrote a Universal History, which he called "Historiae Philippicae", consisting of 44 books. He is unusual amongst Latin authors in putting more emphasis on external history than on Roman history.

Trogus' history has not survived, but we do have a paraphrase of it, written about 200 years later by someone called M. Junianius Justinus. It preserves much unique information, especially about the history of the Hellenistic kingdoms from Alexander the Great up until their conquest by the Romans.

Book 1 - The kings of the Assyrians, Medes and Persians

Book 2 - The early history of Athens; the Persians invade Greece

Book 3 - The early history of Sparta; the start of the Peloponnesian War

Book 4 - The early history of Sicily; the Athenian expedition to Sicily

Book 5 - Alcibiades and the end of the Peloponnesian War; Athens surrenders to Sparta

Book 6 - The domination of Sparta in Greece; Sparta is defeated by the Thebans

Book 7 - The early history of Macedonia

Book 8 - Philippus II expands the kingdom of Macedonia and fights against the Phocians

Book 9 - Philippus defeats the Athenians and the Thebans; the death of Philippus

Book 10 - The death of Artaxerxes III of Persia, and the accession of Dareius III

Book 11 - Alexander invades Asia; the defeat and death of Dareius

Book 12 - The despotic behaviour of Alexander; his invasion of India, and death at Babylon

Book 13 - The regency and death of Perdiccas; Antipater suppresses a Greek revolt

Book 14 - Antigonus defeats Eumenes; Cassander puts Olympias to death.

Book 15 - The wars of Antigonus against Lysimachus, Seleucus, and Cassander.

Book 16 - Demetrius, Lysimachus and Pyrrhus fight over Macedonia; the history of Heracleia.

Book 17 - The deaths of Lysimachus and Seleucus; Pyrrhus and the history of Epirus.

Book 18 - The war between Pyrrhus and the Romans; the early history of Carthage.

Book 19 - The Carthaginians in Sicily; the army of Himilco is destroyed by a plague

Book 20 - The exploits of Dionysius I, tyrant of Syracuse

Book 21 - Dionysius II is expelled from Syracuse

Book 22 - Agathocles becomes tyrant of Syracuse, and invades Africa.

Book 23 - The death of Agathocles; Pyrrhus and Hieron in Sicily.

Book 24 - The Gauls kill Ptolemaeus Ceraunus and invade Greece, but are defeated at Delphi.

Book 25 - War between Antigonus and Pyrrhus; the death of Pyrrhus.

Book 26 - The reign of Antigonus Gonatas in Macedonia; Demetrius "the Fair" in Cyrene.

Book 27 - Wars of Seleucus II against Ptolemaeus III, and then against his brother Antiochus.

Book 28 - Revolution in Epirus; Antigonus Doson defeats Cleomenes of Sparta.

Book 29 - Philippus fights against the Aetolians and the Romans.

Book 30 - The weak rule of Ptolemaeus IV in Egypt; the Romans defeat Philippus.

Book 31 - The Romans defeat Antiochus III, king of Syria, and Nabis, tyrant of Sparta.

Book 32 - The deaths of Philopoemen, Antiochus, Demetrius, Philippus and Hannibal.

Book 33 - The Romans defeat Perseus and gain control of Macedonia.

Book 34 - The Romans defeat the Achaeans, and force Antiochus IV out of Egypt.

Book 35 - Alexander Balas defeats and kills Demetrius I of Syria.

Book 36 - Antiochus VII attacks the Jews; Attalus III bequeaths Asia to the Romans.

Book 37 - The early adventures of Mithridates.

Book 38 - Mithridates invades Asia; the Parthians defeat Antiochus VII.

Book 39 - Civil war in Egypt and Syria.

Book 40 - Tigranes of Armenia invades Syria; Syria becomes a Roman province.

Book 41 - The early history of the Parthians; the reign of Eucratides, king of Bactria.

Book 42 - The early history of Armenia; the expansion of the Parthian empire.

Book 43 - The early history of Rome and Massilia.

Book 44 - Spain and Lusitania; Augustus completes the conquest of Spain.

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