Ancient Egyptian Texts:  7.24


Text:   P.Dion. 7   [ TM 3090 ]
Date:   November 106 B.C.
Script:   Demotic
Translated by:   : N.Lewis, 'Greeks in Ptolemaic Egypt', p. 133
Format:   see key to translations

This is part of the bilingual Archive of Dionysios son of Kephalas.

Year 12 which is equivalent to year 9, second month of the inundation season {Phaophi}, under the monarchs Kleopatra, the goddess benefactress, and Ptolemy her son, who is called Alexandros, the god who loves his mother, and under the [eponymous] priest in Alexandria. Declared by the police chief of . . . , Psenamounis son of Abykis, his mother being Thermouthas, to the Greek Dionysios son of Kephalas, one of the soldiers [serving under the command] of Demetrios:

You have satisfied my heart with the money for the black cow, which is sturdy on her feet, branded on the neck, able to lie down and get up, and is unhurt by any fall. I have given her to you for money and she belongs to you from today for all future time. . . . As for anyone who comes against you for her, I will take steps so that he goes away from you; otherwise I will give you 750 [deben] of silver - half is 375, which, again, makes [the total] 750 - [paid] in copper . . . as a money penalty, in the month involved, perforce and without delay, beside the fact that I will still act so that you are left alone with regard to [the cow]. I will not be able to say, "This is not at all the cow which is described above, which I gave you for money." You are the one who has the right over me with regard to her, for it is indeed she, and I will act so that she remains free for you against [all claims], in keeping with what is written here above.

Written by Pebes[?] son of Phibis . . . scribe of legal documents of the sacred[?] books of Thot, thrice great, master of Hermopolis, the great god.

{In Greek}   Year 12 which is also year 9, Phaophi 15, at Ammonopolis. [Recorded] by Hermias.

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