Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 1064


Greek text:   Halikarnassos_91
Date:   c. 140-110 B.C.
Tags:     victors+contestants
Format:   see key to translations

Drakontomenes began his career as a travelling athlete at a young age; more than half of the victories in this list are in contests for boys. As well as the contests listed here, another inscription records that Drakontomenes took part in two competitions for boys in Kos, which have been dated to 173 and 169 B.C. (see THI_61.C ). Later he seems to have specialised in the 'hippios' race, which was run over a distance which is believed to have been just over 700 metres.

Several of the races which Drakontomenes won were in games called Romaia. Such games were already common by the middle of the 2nd century B.C., as the Romans became the dominant power in the Greek world; see O.M. van Nijf & S. van Dijk, "Experiencing Roman power at Greek contests: Romaia in the Greek festival network" ( EFR ).

Sylloge³ dated this inscription to the middle of the 1st century B.C., mostly on the basis of the reference to the 'Amphiaraia and Romaia' games at Oropos, which were thought to have adopted this name in about 85 B.C.   Y. Kalliontzis has now shown that it is more likely that the games at Oropos started to use this name in the middle of the 2nd century B.C., which obviously fits in better with the evidence from Kos; see Y. Kalliontzis, "La date de la première célébration des Amphiareia-Romaia d'Oropos", pp.103-4 ( Persée ). However the chronology remains somewhat uncertain.

. . . Drakontomenes, son of Hierokles , who won in:

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