Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 1051


Greek text:   IG_4.679
Date:   c. 200 B.C.
Tags:     kinship
Format:   see key to translations

The worship of Demeter Chthonia at Hermione is described in some detail by Pausanias ( 2.35.4-8 ). For the 'kinship' between Hermione and Asine in Messenia, see I. Kralli, "The Hellenistic Peloponnese", pp.460-461 ( Google Books ).

. . . and to join in the procession and to lead an ox, so that it may be clear that the city wishes to enhance this kinship and friendship yet more; therefore it was resolved by the city to reply to the envoys that the city of Hermione renews the kinship and friendship, which the city has towards the city of Asine, and will enhance it yet more; 10 and that the city cordially accepts the sacrifice, which the city of Asine intends to offer to Demeter Chthonia; and that a theorodokos shall be appointed, who will welcome the fellow-sacrifices when they come for the sacrifice at the Chthoneia; and that the envoys [shall be praised] for their good conduct during their residence here, 20 which was fitting for both of our cities; and that Apellas the treasurer shall give to the envoys the greatest gifts of hospitality that are permitted by law. The legislators {nomographoi} [currently] in office shall register this decree in the [laws]. The damiourgoi under Laidas shall provide a stele and inscribe this decree on it and set it up in the temple of Demeter Chthonia, 30 so that it may be a remembrance to each of our cities for all time. The archons shall invite the envoys to the public hearth, for as many days as they are residing here. Apellas the treasurer shall provide money for the cost of this.   Theorodokos : Agoraisos son of Praxias was appointed.

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