Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 1028


Greek text:   IscrCos_ED.45
Date:   c. 158-145 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Only a little over two months of this calendar have been preserved, but they contain several events in honour of various kings. The inscription has plausibly been to the period when Attalos II was king of Pergamon, and Ptolemy VI was king of Egypt.

There is a French translation and commentary by B. Le Guen-Pollet, "La vie religieuse dans le monde grec du Ve au IIIe siècle avant notre ère", p. 196, no. 65 ( Google Books ); and a discussion in English by K. Höghammar, "The sanctuary of the Twelve Gods in Kos and the stelai with proxeny decrees", pp.85-87 ( PDF ).

[A]   [Karne]ios
[1st Sacrifice] to Zeus and [ to Athena ] ; and procession for Nikē
[5th The] boys run in a small competition
[6th] Attaleia of the young adults {hēbōntes}
[7th] To {the grove of} Kyparissos
? Procession for king Ptolemaios
? Parade of [boys] ; presentation of [prizes] to boy athletes
[20th] To {the sanctuary of} Dalion and [to] Kyparissos
? Council . . .

[B]   Artamitios
4th Poseidania
5th Small competition of the young adults
6th Procession for Eumenes
7th To Kyparissos and to the Sanctuary of the Twelve Gods {Dōdekatheon} ; sacrifice and small competition of the young boys
10th Pythokleia for Zeus Soter
11th Small competition of the young adults
12th (?) alongside Dionysos
15th To Dalion
19th Procession of the Muses
26th Procession for king Attalos
25th Small competition of the young adults
29th Display of the teachers and of an overview of their studies

[C]   [Agrianios]
4th [Procession for] king . . .

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