Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 531


Greek text:   Achaïe_3.3
Date:     3rd century B.C.
Tags:     foreign_residents
Format:   see key to translations

See also: E. Mackil, "Creating a Common Polity", appendix no.35 ( Google Books ).

. . . citizenship shall be granted to resident aliens on the following conditions: anyone who wishes to join the people of the city [of Dyme], being free-born and of free parents, shall pay [one talent] in the year when Menandridas is secretary of the Achaeans, [half of it] in the first six months and the rest in the [tenth] month, according to the Achaean reckoning. If anyone does not pay the whole amount in the year of Menandridas, [but is late], they shall not be granted citizenship. If anyone has a son less than seventeen years old or an [unmarried] daughter, the father shall swear the appointed oath in the council, that they are his offspring and the son is his legitimate child, less than seventeen years old. After making the oath, that the age of his son is recorded correctly and justly, let him swear also . . . to himself and his family. If a widow wishes to join [the people of the city], being free-born and of free parents . . . to the woman . . . herself and her family. If she has [a son less than] seventeen years old or an [unmarried] daughter, after swearing the appointed oath in the council, that they are her offspring and [the son is less than seventeen] years old . . . the woman and her family. Let them be enrolled with the leader of the council and the president of the public guards and the secretary. Those who have been enrolled, after making an oath about the age of their children and paying [one talent], as is prescribed, shall be divided up by the board of magistrates as evenly as possibly between the tribes, and they shall be allocated to the Stratis, Dymaian, and Thesmiaian tribes. They shall pay taxes to the state and dues both to the state and . . .

inscription 532

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