Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 494


Greek text:   FD_3.3.184
Date:     260/59 B.C.
Tags:     buildings
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This inscription shows how a technical role could be passed down through several generations of one family. The grandfather of the brothers, Agathon, is mentioned in several inscriptions as one of the architects of the temple of Apollo at Delphi, which was inaugurated in 330 B.C.; for the references, see the German wikipedia article.

In the year of Peithagoras as archon, at the autumn assembly, when the hieromnemones were are as follows:

and the secretary was Melanthios of Aetolia.

Since Agathon, the architect of the temple, has taken good and proper care of the tasks which were assigned to him by the god and the hieromnemones; and after him, his son Agasikrates continued to do likewise, and now Agathokles, after [his father] Agasikrates departed from life; therefore it is resolved by the hieromnemones to grant security and priority in receiving justice to Damon and his family, in war and in peacetime, the same as to his brother Agathokles. If anyone proceeds against him or any of his property, the aggressor shall pay a fine of one thousand staters, sacred [to Apollo], and he shall be liable to prosecution by Damon before the hieromnemones. The city of Delphi, and whoever else of the Amphictyons is present, shall act on behalf of Damon, unless someone is bringing an accusation against him concerning a private contract. [The presidents and the secretary] of the temple stewards shall inscribe this decree in the temple of Apollo.

inscription 495

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