Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 462


Greek text:   IvO_296
Date:     260-252 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

After the surrender of Athens in 262/1 B.C., Glaukon the brother of Chremonides went into exile in Alexandria, where he became an adviser to the Egyptian king ( Teles_22 ). At some point he won the chariot race in the Olympic Games, probably with financial help from the king ( Paus_6.16'9 ). Dittenberger showed the text of this inscription with the gaps restored so as to imply that the statue was set up by Ptolemaios III, in other words after 246 B.C.   That is not impossible, but it seems more likely that it was set up at an earlier date by Ptolemaios II. The translation here follows the revised text suggested by L.Criscuolo in "Chiron", 33(2003), page 322 ( Google Books ).

[King] Ptolemaios, [son of] king [Ptolemaios and] queen [Berenike], erected this statue of Glaukon [of Athens], the son of Eteokles, on account of [his virtue and his goodwill] towards his father [and Arsinoē his] sister and the people [(?) of Athens].

inscription 463

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