Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 436


Greek text:   CID_4.52
Date:     254/3 or 250/49 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

It is clear that this decree was passed at the time of the Pythian games, but there are two possible dates for it; see J.B.Scholten , "Politics of Plunder", page 238 ( Google Books ).

Gods. In the year of Nikodamos as archon, with the following men acting as hieromnemon:

Since Hereas has served the hieromnemones at Thermopylai {Pylaia} and at Delphi, and has continued for a long time without reproach to [provide assistance] to the public council of the Amphictyons; therefore it is resolved by the hieromnemones and agoratroi at the Pythia, to praise Hereas of Lamia, the son of Aischrio.., who now lives in Herakleia, and to crown him with a wreath of the god's laurel, and he shall be granted priority in receiving justice, security, inviolability, privileged seating at games, and freedom from all taxes. The secretary shall inscribe this resolution of the hieromnemones and agoratroi in the temple of Apollo.

inscription 437

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