Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 415


Greek text:   Sylloge_415
Date:     274/3 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Eugeiton is mentioned in two other decrees from Delphi, both dated to the year when Archiadas was archon (273/2 B.C.); in Syll_416 he is named as a hieromnemon, and in CID_2.122 ( Greek text ) he is named as a naopoios.

Gods.   It was resolved by the city of Delphi: since Eugeiton of Tanagra, the son of Tychon, acted justly as hieromnemon and was a benefactor of the temple and the city, therefore there shall be granted to him and his descendants proxeny, priority in consulting the oracle, inviolability, the civil rights of the Delphians, privileged seating at all the games which the city holds, and all the other rights which are granted to other benefactors and proxenoi. When Herakleidas was archon, and the members of the council were Straton, Kleuphanes, Athambos and Ainesilas.

inscription 416

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