Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 367


Greek text:   IG_2².650   ( see also IG_2³.1.863 )
Date:     286/5 B.C.
Tags:     corn_supply
Format:   see key to translations

As the commander of part of the Egyptian fleet, Zenon had an important part to play in protecting the Athenian corn supply; see K.Buraselis in "The Ptolemies, the Sea and the Nile", pp.105-6 ( Google Books ).

Gods. Zenon . . .

When Diokles [was archon, in] the first prytany of the . . . tribe, Xenophon of Halai, son of Nikeas, acting as secretary of the prytany, on the 11th day of Hekatombaion, which was the eleventh day of the prytany, in assembly; Lysias of . . ., the son of Lysimachos, and the other presidents put the motion to the vote on behalf of the presidents; it was resolved by the [council] and the people, as proposed by Epicharmos of Kolonos, the son of Kallistratides: since Zenon, who was appointed by king Ptolemaios 10 to command the undecked ships, has continually shown goodwill [both publicly to the] people and privately to each of the Athenians that he meets, helping the city as much [as possible in word] and deed; and he has taken care that corn [should be conveyed] to the city [as safely] as possible, striving to preserve the security of [the people]; therefore with good fortune [it is resolved by the] council that the presidents [who are allotted] to preside over the people [at the first available] assembly 20 shall raise [this matter, and] bring [the decision of the council before the people], that it is resolved [by the council] . . .

inscription 368

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