Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 282


Greek text:   Priene_63   ( I.Priene 3 ) ,   Priene_248   ( I.Priene 231 )
Date:     c. 296/5 B.C.
Tags:     autonomy
Format:   see key to translations

In Sylloge³, inscription A was dated to about 333 B.C., when the temple of Athena in Priene was dedicated ( see the description of the building in Perseus Art & Archaeology ). But most recent scholars have preferred a date early in the 3rd century B.C., soon after Priene was freed from the tyrant Hieron ( see THI_41 ). At that time, there was tension between the citizens of Priene and the local population called Pedieis, which a few years later required the intervention of king Lysimachos ( see OGIS_11 ).

Inscription B, the base of the statue awarded to Megabyxos, provides some information about his official role, which was not mentioned in the honorary decree.

[A]   It was resolved by the council and the people, when Phormion was stephanephoros; on the fourth day of the month of Metageitnion, [in full] assembly at the elections, while the Prienians were autonomous; since Megabyxos son of Megabyxos has in other matters been eager and well-disposed towards the people, and has shown every eagerness concerning the completion of the temple of [Athena]; therefore he shall be crowned by the people with a golden crown, with the finest possible bronze statue, and he shall have the status of proxenos and benefactor of the people; and he shall be granted freedom from taxes and the other privileges that are granted to other proxenoi and benefactors, and the right to own land of a value up to five talents, which must be at least ten stades away from the border with the territory of Ephesos; but he shall not be permitted to own any of the land belonging to the Pedieis; he shall be given food in the prytaneion, and along with Megabyxos the nomophylakes who are in office in the months of Boēdromion and Pyanopsion when Diophanes is stephanephoros shall let out a contract for the statue; the statue [shall be placed] in the temple of Athena in front of the façade of the temple, and the nomophylakes shall place the stele nearby, inscribing this decree on it. The neōpoiai Admetos and …as shall provide money for the expense of the statue and the stele. The herald shall announce the privileges given to him at the Dionysia, so that everyone may know that the [people] of Priene is able to render suitable thanks to those who act well [towards it]. He shall not be required to pay dues on what he exports and (?) imports . . .

[B]   [Megabyxos] son of Megabyxos, temple-warden {neōkoros} of Artemis in Ephesos.

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