Select Papyri, 2.433


Greek text: PLond 1350
Date:   A.D. 710.

(Arabic superscription) To the lord of Ashkuh, as to that which has happened regarding the sailors of Africa.

(The Greek letter) In the name of God, Kurrah son of Sharik, governor, to Basilius, administrator of the village of Aphrodito. We give thanks to God, and to proceed, we have not learned the number of the sailors who returned to your district out of those who departed to the expedition in Africa with Ata son of Rafi, namely those whom Musa son of Nusair sent back, and of those who remained there in Africa. Now on receiving the present letter write to us the number of the sailors who have arrived in your district as said, inquiring of them and questioning them concerning those who remained in the said Africa and for what reason they remained there, and likewise the number of those who died in the land as aforesaid and on the journey after they were disbanded, and to speak shortly procure for us without wasting time full enlightenment and information about them and send it to us with all dispatch after reading the present letter. Written on Mecheir 4 of the 8th indiction. {Endorsed} Mecheir 15, 8th indiction. Brought by Said. About making for him a list of the sailors sent with Ata son of Rafi . . .

papyrus 434

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