Select Papyri, 2.423


Greek text:   PGiess 11
Date:   A.D. 118.

Papiris to his most honoured friend Apollonius, strategos of the Apollonopolite-Heptacomia nome, greeting. I wish you to know that I have been commissioned to go to your nome alone with a boat of about 4000 artabas' burden, having myself asked for your nome and been granted it by Besarion. But after receiving my commission I have been detained by the procurator to act as priest to the pilots' corporation. Be kind enough then, dearest friend, to assist my men, since I have not come in person to do reverence to your most honoured self, and command me in the assurance that I can serve you ; you are aware that I have room for other eighty thousand artabas on the boats at my command, enough to make a clean sweep of your nome. Now you must know, my lord, that if one acts as priest to the pilots' corporation [one must] . . . the procurator . . . Year 2 of Hadrianus Caesar Augustus, Epeiph 16. I pray for your health.

{Addressed}   Deliver to Apollonius, strategos of Heptacomia.

papyrus 424

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