Select Papyri, 2.415


Greek text:   PPar 65   (UPZ 1 pg596)
Date:   146 B.C.

Paniscus to Ptolemaeus greeting. I have received your letter in which you tell me to inform you of the procedure being followed with regard to Egyptian agreements drawn up in the nome of Perithebas, and whether in accordance with the orders given by Ariston they are being subscribed by the persons appointed locally for this duty, and from what date the aforesaid system has been in operation. The procedure then is being conducted in conformity with the instructions given by Ariston to the effect that when an agreement written by the native notary will be submitted to us we shall make a summary of it, stating therein the contracting parties and the settlement which they have made and their patronymics, and that we shall write at the foot of the deed that we have entered it on the records, mentioning the date on which, the contract having been submitted, we wrote the subscription, and the date given in the contract itself. The circular was issued to us on the 1st of Hathur, and the registration has been instituted on Choiak 9. For your information then we submit this report. Goodbye. Year 36, Tubi 13.

papyrus 416

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