Select Papyri, 2.400


Greek text: PTeb 339
Date:   A.D. 224.

To Aurelius Sereniscus also called Hermesias, strategos of the divisions of Themistes and Polemon in the Arsinoite nome, from Aurelius Polion, sitologus of the village of Tebtunis. Monthly summary for the month Thoth of the present 4th year of receipts from the produce of the said year. The amount delivered in this month for the exchequer and the imperial domains is 176 artabas of wheat and 10 artabas of barley ; of which the revenues from public land at Tebtunis are 129 artabas of wheat and 10 artabas of barley, from cleruchs 37 artabas of wheat, and on account of other villages in the division of Polemon, from cleruchs at Kerkesephis 10 artabas of wheat, making the aforesaid total. To this are added on account of storage 2 per cent, making 31/2 artabas of wheat, 1 per cent upon the charge for storage 1/24 artaba of wheat, and for the 1/2 artaba upon the charge for storage 1/48 artaba of wheat, making the total for storage and other charges 39/16 artabas of wheat.

papyrus 401

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