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Greek text:   PAmh 31
Date:   112 B.C.

Year 6, Choiach 8. Paid into the bank at Hermonthis of which Dionysius is head, to the private account of the sovereigns, in accordance with the note of Hermias the overseer of revenues and Phibis the royal scribe, of which a copy is appended, by Senpoeris daughter of Onnophris as a fine for taking 2 cubits for a palm-grove 1200 copper drachmas and as taxes 180 drachmas.

{Signed}   Dionysius, banker.

Hermias to Dionysius greeting. On reaching the Pathyrite nome we dispatched our agents to the toparchies to apply themselves to the collection of debts owed on account of both rents in corn and taxes in money, and when the work of collection had started at Memnonea it was reported that certain pieces of land were found to have been enclosed for planting palms, and after sending for Totoes the village scribe I went with him to inspect the land of Senpoeris daughter of Onnophris and measuring it we found that it projected by 2 cubits. We then sent for her, and after forcible persuasion had been applied with regard to the proper fine, it was fixed at the rate of 10 talents the aroura, in consideration of the encroachment having been made on dry ground, the total being 1200 drachmas, to which she agreed. Accordingly please receive at the bank at Hermonthis, as Phibis the royal scribe is also subscribing to this and the district scribe is inserting under his own signature the measurements and boundaries and further declares that there has been no oversight in this matter, the 1200 drachmas of copper at a discount, and enter them as received in payment of the fine in the list drawn up by our agents, in the proper way, on the understanding that, having paid this sum, she shall retain the plot for growing palms without incurring any responsibility towards us on any point whatever. Receive also twice the usual taxes and any other charge that is usual. Goodbye. Year 6, Choiach 6.

Receive the thousand two hundred drachmas of copper at a discount, total 1200, and any other charge that is usual. Year 6, Choiach 6.

Phibis. If the district scribe subscribes to the effect that the report is correct and that there has been no oversight, and if he inserts the measurements and boundaries, receive the thousand two hundred drachmas of copper at a discount, total 1200, and the other extra charges. Year 6, Choiach 6.

Pamonthes. Receive from Senpoeris as the price of the said property the thousand two hundred drachmas of copper at a discount, total 1200 copper dr., and the other usual charges. The boundaries are, according to the report of Totoes the village scribe, on the south houses of Senpoeris herself, on the north outskirts of the guard-house, on the east houses of . . ., on the west a street. Year 6, Choiach 6.

papyrus 368

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