Select Papyri, 2.286


Greek text: BGU 515
Date:   A.D. 193

To Ammonius Paternus, centurion, from Syrus son of Syrion surnamed Petekas, of the metropolis. I and my brother have delivered in the month of Pauni all the government corn-dues which we owed, and likewise for the contributions imposed upon us in the village of Karanis nine artabas out of ten. Now on account of the remaining one artaba the collectors of corn-dues Peteesis son of Tkelo and Sarapion son of Maron and their scribe Ptolemaeus together with their assistant Ammonius made a descent on my house while I was in the fields and tore a mantle off my mother's back and cast her . . . Wherefore, as in consequence of this she has taken to her bed and cannot . . . because of . . . I request that they be brought before you, in order that I may obtain justice at your hands. Farewell. I (the amanuensis) have given his description, as he says he is illiterate : 47 years of age, scar on the right knee. Year 33 of Aurelius Commodus Caesar the lord, Pauni 8.

papyrus 287

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