Select Papyri, 2.276


Greek text: PTeb 39
Date: l14 B.C.

To Menches, village scribe of Kerkeosiris, from Apollodorus, contractor for the retailing of oil and the tax upon oil at the said village for the 4th year. I have already reported to Polemon the epistates of the village about my having heard on the 27th of Phaophi that there was some contraband oil in the house of Sisois son of Senapunchis which is in the temple of Thoeris here. I immediately took Trychambus the agent of the oikonomos who had been sent for the payment, since you and the other officials were unwilling to accompany me, to the house mentioned and made a descent upon it with him, when the aforesaid Sisois and his wife Tausiris set upon me and after giving me many blows drove us out and shut the door of the temple and of the house. Wherefore on encountering Sisois on the 4th of Hathur beside the temple of Zeus here I wished to arrest him, Ineilos the sword-bearer and Trychambus being present. But Pausiris the brother of Sisois, a porter, and Belles and Demas and Maron son of Takonnos, with others whose names I do not know, hurled themselves upon us and overpowered us, showering blows upon us with the cudgels which they carried, and they wounded my wife on the right hand and myself also. The consequent loss to my contract amounts to 10 talents of copper. I accordingly present to you this statement in order that you may instruct the proper officials to exact from them (this sum) . . .

papyrus 277

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