Select Papyri, 2.272


Greek text:   PLond 23   ( UPZ_1.14 )
Date:   158 B.C.

To King Ptolemy and Queen Cleopatra the sister, gods Philometores, greeting from Ptolemaeus son of Glaucias, Macedonian of the Epigone, of the Heracleopolite nome. As my aforesaid father Glaucias, who belonged to the cleruchs called cousins in the Heracleopolite nome, departed this life at the time of the disturbances and has left behind him both me and my younger brother Apollonius, and as it has happened that I have been in detention in the great Serapeum by Memphis for 15 years and I require, seeing that I am childless, to procure for my said brother a military post, which will enable me too, who am in detention, to live here decently and receive succour, I beseech you, the most great gods Philometores, to take note of the above-mentioned years and, inasmuch as I have no means of gaining the necessaries of life except by seeking refuge with you, the most great gods and protectors, and obtaining the said military post for my brother, to let me too partake, if it seem good to you, of the pious protection which you afford to all men in such case and to let an order be written to the proper authorities to enrol my above-named brother in the company of Dexilaus which is garrisoned in Memphis and assign him the same pay as his fellows receive in corn and money, that so being decently circumstanced I may be able to perform sacrifices on behalf of you and your children, to the end that you may be lords of every land on which the sun looks down for all time. If this be done, I shall have my livelihood secured by your help in perpetuity. Farewell.

{Subscribed}   Let it be done, but report how much the cost will be.

papyrus 273

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