Select Papyri, 2.267A


  Greek text:   PEnt 13
Date:   January 222 B.C. 

In the shrine constructed by this woman's husband, Aphrodite could be identified both with the Syrian goddess (Atargatis) and with the reigning queen, Berenice II.    The translation is adapted from D.Martinez, "The Oxford Handbook of Ancient Greek Religion", p. 152.


Asia to king Ptolemy, greetings.   I am wronged by Poōris the householder.  For my husband Machatas was billetted in the village of Pelusium and he divided the property with Poōris and constructed in his space a shrine to the Syrian goddess and Aphrodite Berenice.  There was also a half-finished wall between the space of Poōris and that of my husband, and now that I wish to finish the wall to prevent trespass into our parts, Poōris has forbidden me to build it, although the wall does not belong to him, but he is contempuous of me because my husband is dead.  So I ask of you, king, if it is clear that the wall is ours, to order Diophanes the strategos to write to Menandros the epistates not to permit Poōris to prevent us from building it, in order that, having had recourse to the king, I may obtain justice.

{Subscribed}   To Menandros: if possible, reconcile them; otherwise refer him to me for investigation.   Year 25, Loios 26, Choiak 13.     

papyrus 268

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