Select Papyri, 2.265


Greek text:   PCairZen 59236
Date:   251 or 253 B.C.

To Diotimus, dioiketes, greeting from Neoptolemus, Macedonian, one of the cleruchs at Philadelphia. My father Stratippus is being wronged by Theocles the former oikonomos of the Aphroditopolite nome and Petosiris the royal scribe. For in calculating the tax to be paid on the vineyards they used to take the produce of the last three years and make the third part of this the basis for the tax, but in the case of my father they have calculated the tax on the average of the last two years, saying that his vineyard was lately planted. I beg you therefore, if you think fit, to inquire into this and, if my statement be correct, since they have calculated the tax for all the others on the average of three years, to give me an order to Hermolaus and Petosiris to calculate the tax for my father also on the average of three years, beginning either from the twenty-ninth year or from the thirtieth year, just as they choose, for we have now made wine from the vineyard for four years, and to credit him with the money paid into the bank by the wine-dealers for the wine which they received from the vineyard, in order that he may obtain justice at your hands. Farewell.

{Endorsed}   Petition from Neoptolemus to Diotimus about a vineyard.

papyrus 266

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