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Greek text: POxy 37
Date:   A.D. 49.

From the minutes of Tiberius Claudius Pasion, strategos. The 9th year of Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Imperator, Pharmouthi 3, at the court. Pesouris versus Saraeus. Aristocles, advocate for Pesouris, said : Pesouris, for whom I appear, in the 7th year of Tiberius Claudius Caesar the lord picked up from a rubbish-heap a male foundling called Heraclas. This he entrusted to the defendant, and the nurse's contract which was made here referred to it as a son of Pesouris. She received her wages for the first year. The pay-day for the second year came round and again she received them. To show that these statements are true, we have her receipts in which she acknowledges payment. As the foundling was being starved, Pesouris took it away. Subsequently, seizing an opportunity, she burst into the house of my client and carried the foundling off ; and she seeks to obtain possession of the foundling as being her free-born child. I have here, first, the written contract for nursing, I have, secondly, the receipt for the wages. I demand that these be recognized. Saraeus : I weaned my own child and the foundling of these persons was entrusted to me. I received from them the whole eight staters. Subsequently the foundling died, [.] staters being still unearned. Now they seek to take away my own child. Theon : "We have the papers relating to the foundling." The strategos : Since from its looks the child appears to be the son of Saraeus, if she and her husband will sign a sworn declaration that the foundling entrusted to her by Pesouris has died, I give judgement in accordance with the decision of our lord the praefect that on paying back the money which she has received she shall have her own child.

papyrus 258

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