Select Papyri, 2.253


Greek text:   SB 3.6762
Date:   245 B.C.

Witness given for Antipater by Euphronius son of Apollonides, of the Ammoniean deme, aged about 35 years, tall, robust, curly-haired, fair-skinned, square-shouldered, with a scar on the right of the eyebrows (?). I live at Philadelphia in the Arsinoite nome. In the month Panemus of the 2nd year, while I and Nicon and some others were in the barber's shop of Eudoxus, Antipater and Simon, for whom I testify, came into that shop and asked Nicon to give them back their son Theodosius, and Nicon who is being sued by Antipater denied that he had taken the boy from them or was keeping him on any pretext.

{Endorsed}   (Testimony of) Euphronius.

{Docketed}   Year 2, Gorpieius 26. Bears witness for Antipater in his case against Nicon.

papyrus 254

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