Select Papyri, 2.224


Greek text: POxy 1408
Date:   A.D. 210-214.

Baebius Juncinus to the strategoi of the Heptanomia and the Arsinoite nome greeting. I have already ordered you in a previous letter to search out robbers with all care, warning you of the peril of neglect, and now I wish to confirm my resolve by an edict, in order that all inhabitants of Egypt may know that I am not treating this duty as an affair of secondary importance, but offer rewards to those of you who co-operate, and threaten with peril those who choose to disobey. This edict I desire to be publicly displayed in both the capitals and the most conspicuous places of the nomes, penalties and peril awaiting you if in the future any evil-doer is able to use violence without being detected. I wish you good health. The . . year, Phaophi 28.

papyrus 225

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