Select Papyri, 2.222


Greek text: BGU 646
Date:   A.D. 193.

Mantennius Sabinus to the strategoi of the Heptanomia and of the Arsinoite nome greeting. I have ordered a copy of the edict sent by me to the most illustrious Alexandria to be appended, in order that you should all be informed and that you may hold festival for the like number of days. I wish you good health. The 1st year of the Emperor Caesar Publius Helvius Pertinax Augustus, Phamenoth 10.

Copy of the edict. It is fitting that you, Alexandrians, holding festival for the most fortunate accession of our lord the Emperor Publius Helvius Pertinax the Augustus, head of the sacred senate, father of his country, and of Publius Helvius Pertinax his son, and of Flavia Titiana Augusta, should in full assembly make sacrifices and prayers on behalf of his lasting empire and of all his house and wear garlands for fifteen days beginning from to-day.

papyrus 223

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