Select Papyri, 2.221


Greek text: PSI 446
Date:   A.D. 133-137.

Proclamation of Marcus Petronius Mamertinus, praefect of Egypt. I am informed that without having a warrant many of the soldiers when travelling through the country requisition boats and animals and persons improperly, in some cases seizing them by force, in others obtaining them from the strategoi through favour or obsequiousness, the result of which is that private persons are subjected to insults and abuses and the army is reproached for greed and injustice. I therefore command the strategoi and royal scribes never in any case to furnish to any person without a warrant, whether travelling by river or by land, any contribution for the journey, understanding that I will vigorously punish anyone who after this edict is discovered receiving or giving any of the aforesaid things. The . . year of Hadrianus Caesar the lord, Thoth 8.

papyrus 222

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