Select Papyri, 1.94


Greek text:   PPetr ii.13   Fr.19
Date:   About 255 B.C.

. . . for in this way you will be able to win the king's grace for the future also. Nothing truly will be dearer to me than to protect you for the rest of your life in a manner worthy of you and of myself, and if the fate of mankind befalls you, to see that you enjoy all due honours ; this will be my chief desire, honourably to protect you both while you live and when you have departed to the gods. If possible, then, make every effort to obtain your release for good, or if you see no chance of that, for at least the time of low Nile, at which season there is no danger and Theodorus can be left to take your place, in order that you may spend this season at least with us. Lay this to heart, that nothing painful shall befall you, but that every care will be taken by me to see that you are untroubled. Goodbye.

papyrus 95

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