Select Papyri, 1.90A


  Greek text:   PLond 1973
Date:   254 B.C. 

This letter (not in the original collection) provides unexpected evidence of diplomats from the far north of the Hellenistic world visiting Egypt, and taking the opportunity to see the sights of the land.  Paerisades II was ruler of the Bosporan Kingdom, on the northern side of the Black Sea.   The translation is adapted from J.Muir, "Life and Letters in the Ancient Greek World", p.76 ( Google Books ). 

Apollonius to Zenon greeting.  As soon as you have read this letter, send to Ptolemais the chariots, the other conveyances for the journey, and the luggage-mules for the ambassadors from Paerisades and the theoroi from Argos whom the king has sent to see the sights of the Arsinoite nome.  Take care they are not late for when they are needed, for when I wrote this letter to you, they had already sailed up-river.  Farewell.     Year 32, Panemus 26, Mesore 1.

{Addressed} To Zenon.

{Docketed} Year 32, Mesore 2.  Apollonius.  The 10th hour.  About the transport for the ambassadors from Paerisades and from Argos.   

papyrus 91

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