Select Papyri, 1.73


Greek text:   PAmh 104
Date:   A.D. 125.

Demetria also called Taseus daughter of Apollonides, having with me as guardian my son Arius son of Nearchus also called Menches, to Anubion son of Serapion, cultivator, greeting. I have received from you all the rent of the land of mine which you cultivated, measured out from the produce of the past ninth year of Hadrianus Caesar the lord, and I have no claim against you concerning anything whatever, the public charges being borne by me the holder. The tenth year of the Emperor Caesar Trajanus Hadrianus Augustus, Thoth 13. I, Arius son of Nearchus, have professed myself guardian of my mother and wrote for her, as she is illiterate.

papyrus 74

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